How To Wear A Long Jumpsuit

How To Wear A Long Jumpsuit
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One of the fashion trends of recent seasons has been the long jumpsuit. These are also versatile garments that serve for both party or more elegant looks or those to style yourself in sporty chic or casual mode. Everything depends on how you combine your long jumpsuit and therefore in how you wear it. If you need some ideas, in we explain how to wear a long jumpsuit.

Steps to follow:

Long jumpsuits best suit taller women with stylized figures. If you have curved hips you will have to play around with prints and accessories to get the best effect.


When it comes to selecting the shoes, it is best to go for high heel shoes. You can use those you like best (sandals, fine heel...) but the jumpsuit will always look better if combined with high heels.

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Moreover, it is very important that you pay attention to how the long jumpsuit looks in the lower area. In other sorts of trousers it is not very important if the end is is rather long or not quite long enough. With long jumpsuits, to ensure the best effect, it must be exactly the right length, neither too long or too short.


There are many types of jumpsuits made in many kinds of fabrics and prints. Take into account the context in which you want to wear it as you will have to choose what is most appropriate. For example, a denim jump suit is not suitable for an event or wedding, but it works well for a casual day to day look.


If you want to combine your long jumpsuit to get an elegant effect you must to invest in quality fabrics, such as silk, and combine it with accessories that reinforce the ladylike element of the style, maybe through the use of a jacket.

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Do not forget to play with accessories. This season sashes are in fashion, this will help to focus attention on the waist. You can also go for worked belts or eye catching materials, such as the golden finishes, to achieve a better effect.

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Furthermore, many long jumpsuits have open backs. If this is the case it is better than you restrict the use of accessories and go for shoes that do not draw too much attention, since the back will be the focus of your outfit.

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Long jumpsuits can also be used to provide an informal look. Go for floral jumpsuits (very suitable for the summer) and combine it with a hat in the same colour and high wedge sandals. Alternatively go for a denim jumpsuit for a more casual effect. You can also add a t-shirt that will create an even more easy going look.

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