How to Wear a Green Coat

How to Wear a Green Coat

Does wearing a green coat sound like a fashion faux pas to you? That couldn't be less true! While this is certainly an item that packs a lot of personality, there are numerous looks you can create with it. It can be a hugely versatile piece! Besides, there is a wide range of greens to pick and choose from, so you can choose the shade of green you like most and create unique outfits for a night on the town or day-to-day wear.

If you want to discover how to wear a green coat - with the best piece and color combinations - you won't want to miss this OneHowTo article.

Wearing a green coat with black

The color black is always a classic in elegant wardrobes, and of course it also goes with green coats. Whether it's black pants, leggings, stockings or pantyhose under a dress... Any option is a safe bet!

No matter which green hue you choose, black will go perfectly and add an elegant, sophisticated touch to any look. If you want to make a statement, add a colorful boost with a bag or hair accessories.

Wearing a green coat with jeans

Jeans are possibly the most neutral piece out there. They go with everything, and nowadays they can be worn to semi-formal occasions or to work. Green coat and jeans, then, is another ideal combination that you will surely love.

Dark, light, wide-legged, skinny, with studs... all kinds of jeans go perfectly with a green coat. The important thing you should focus on is the shape of the coat and the jeans to create a silhouette that suits you. Whether you combine them with heels for more formal occasions or flat shoes for day-to-day, it's a guaranteed hit!

Wearing a green coat with brown

Brown shades are also a great choice with your green coat, whether it's beige, brown, camel, or chocolate. Put on brown trousers of any tone or play with other accessories such as shoes, bags or scarves. You will look ready for autumn!

You can also make a brilliant statement with brown combat boots and a green coat. Do you dare?

Wearing a green coat with red accents

For those who want to go a little further, a provocative but also very popular alternative is wearing the green coat with a red piece.We are not talking about combining the green coat with bright green pants or leggings - you'll look too much like a Christmas elf - but rather something more subtle.

A good match is to opt for the combination of black and green that we have seen in the first section and complement it with something red, like a hat or an accessory.

Wearing a bright coat with bright colors

And if you want to go all out, why not put on bright colors? Green and pink, green and yellow, green and electric blue... The possibilities are endless and your look will be unequivocally in: This kind of matching is known in fashion circles as color blocking.

The secret is to put together blocks of solid colors of the same intensity, so if your coat is a powerful green, the color you choose to match should be just as powerful.

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