How to Wear a Fur Vest

How to Wear a Fur Vest

One of the items that has grabbed all the attention in the winter season is the fur vest. Perfect to wear as warm clothes or under a jacket to complete any look either casual or a little more formal. On several occasions this type of clothing can get a bit difficult to combine, but thanks to its versatility and by following a few simple tips you can wear it and take advantage of it to the fullest. Find out in this OneHowTo article how to combine a fur vest (or faux fur, rather) and do not miss the opportunity to highlight one of the must haves of recent seasons.

All black look

If you have a black fur vest you must know that this garment is ideal to form part of an all black look. A perfect outfit for evening, you can accessorize it with heels and a clutch, or for the day in combination with some flat shoes and envelope type or maxi bag.

You can also incorporate a colored vest in beige or gray (which are very fashionable), to an all black look and make it the star of your outfit. This option will make your fur vest stand out from all other garments and hog all the attention.

With jeans

Jeans are one of the most versatile garments that can be found and are therefore not usually miss in the bottom of your wardrobe. There are many different types of jeans available in a myriad of styles and colours, so it is always useful to know how to identify which are the most flattering for your body type.

And every day, you can combine your fur vest with your favourite jeans, you'll be very warm and look great under the vest if you include an oversized blouse.

With a skirt

And do not think that fur vests are limited to trousers, it is possible to achieve spectacular combinations also wearing them with skirts. For example, if you want to reflect a formal image, it is best combine your fur vest with a mini skirt and a white blouse; if instead you prefer a more casual style for any day of the week, going for a shorter skirt is a great option.

As you can see in the first look, you can also take advantage of a long print skirt combining it with a fur vest, a white blouse and a belt. With these items, you get a folk style outfit, one of the most notable trends of the season.

With a dress

Another way to wear a fur vest and one that we love, it makes you look feminine and chic, is to wear it with a simple white or black dress you have in your wardrobe. Normally, simple dresses require accessories or other items to make them stand out a bit, and a fur vest is perfect to achieve this and go to the latest fashion at the same time.

Combine other vests

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  • Never purchase real fur as it is against animal rights, always look at the label to make sure it is faux fur.