How to Wake Up Looking Beautiful Every Day

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Wake Up Looking Beautiful Every Day

Do you want to know how sleep enhances your beauty and makes you appear more attractive? With a few simple tricks, you can improve the appearance of your facial skin, soften your lips and fight unsightly dark circles and bags, while you sleep and rest peacefully. If you put these tips into practice, you will wake up the next day looking your best effortlessly. You'll look much more beautiful, so you'll be ready to leave home in just a few minutes whilst looking spectacular. Pay attention to this article and discover the best OneHowTo tips for waking up looking beautiful every day.

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Steps to follow:

Do not forget to remove your makeup. You should never forget this golden rule if you want to remove all the toxins and impurities that detract from your skin's vitality and accelerate ageing. It is essential that you remove your makeup each day before going to bed. If you can do it once you get home, even for the afternoon, then it is so much better as the skin will have longer to oxygenate and renew itself. If you keep your skin perfectly clean overnight, the cell regeneration process can successfully happen and you will wake up with a good complexion that looks very pretty.

It is important that this task is performed correctly with the right products. We recommend choosing a water-based facial gel if you have oily or combination skin, milk or cleansing cream if your skin is dry, and micellar water for sensitive skin, although the latter product is ideal for all skin types. If you want to find out all about it, then do not miss our article on how to use micellar water. The results will surprise you!


Use a night cream. If you have not yet started, use a day cream and a specific one for the night from now on. You will immediately notice the difference in your skin when you look in the mirror after getting up, as you'll look much prettier. Night creams differ from day creams because they contain active ingredients which promote skin cell regeneration. This is essential for keeping it radiant and looking young.

In addition, they are much more nutritious and contain super effective anti-ageing ingredients. Those that provide better results include ingredients in their formula such as retinol, coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid and vitamin E.

How to Wake Up Looking Beautiful Every Day - Step 2

Avoid swollen eyelids, dark circles and bags. Are these common and visible problems on your face when you get up? If the answer is yes, it is advisable to take some simple steps to help you wake up with a nice complexion and a fully rested face with no signs of fatigue. We recommend that you:

  • Sleep on a thicker pillow so your head is slightly higher than the rest of your body. This is excellent for stimulating blood circulation in the area and to prevent your eyelids from swelling.
  • Before going to sleep, you can apply a cold gel eye mask over your eyes for 20 minutes. The cold clears and deeply relaxes the skin, providing a nicer appearance upon awakening.
  • Rosewater is an ideal natural product for rejuvenating and maintaining a beautiful area around the eyes, avoiding bags, dark circles and crow's feet. Apply a few drops of this around the eye area before bed, giving the area little pats with the fingertip of your ring finger.

No wrinkles! If you struggle daily with lines and wrinkles that age your skin tremendously, pay attention to this incredible beauty trick. We suggest you choose between some of the best natural oils for eliminating wrinkles such as argan oil, grape oil, jojoba oil, rosehip oil or wheat germ oil. Apply 5 drops of your chosen oil to those areas of the face that have more noticeable, deep wrinkles. Do it every day before going to sleep and see how you wake up the next day with a good appearance and more balanced, beautiful skin.

All these natural substances have potent anti-aging ingredients in their composition and are a good supplement for preventing the signs of ageing, tightening the skin and unifying skin tone.

How to Wake Up Looking Beautiful Every Day - Step 4

Perfect lips. The lips are also an important part of the face and can be rehydrated at night when they are dry, unsightly and flaky. If you do it before going to sleep, you'll allow the tissues to renew and regenerate during your sleep and when you wake up, they will be softer and more beautiful. The recommended treatment is very simple. You just have to apply some Vaseline or coconut oil on them and leave it to work while you sleep.


No stress! Leading a relaxed and happy life is undoubtedly reflected by the good condition of your skin. Therefore it is very important that you try to get rid of any stress and tension every night before going to sleep. That way, you'll wake up with bright and fresh skin. You can dedicate a moment to yourself and take a relaxing bath with lots of foam for 20 minutes. Besides reducing stress, this will make your skin softer and beautiful.

How to Wake Up Looking Beautiful Every Day - Step 6

In addition to all these beauty tips, remember it is essential that you sleep for 7 to 8 hours a day so you can wake up with a good appearance and look beautiful every day. Watch your diet at night by eating light dinners and stay well hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

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How to Wake Up Looking Beautiful Every Day
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How to Wake Up Looking Beautiful Every Day

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