How to Use Vaseline on Your Hair

How to Use Vaseline on Your Hair

Does your hair damage easily, struggle to grow or lack shine? If this is the case, we recommend using Vaseline for your hair. Not only is Vaseline readily available, but it’s also cheap! Vaseline, also referred to as petroleum jelly, has been utilized by humans for over 150 years, and was originally used to protect cuts and burns and function as a household lubricant.

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Effects of Vaseline on hair

The reason why your hair splits and breaks is most likely because it is dry. Dry hair gives your locks an unhealthy appearance, making hair more prone to damage and split ends. Just like your skin, your hair needs moisture to stay healthy and maintaining nourished hair takes effort. If you have naturally greasy or healthy looking shiny hair, we recommend that you avoid using Vaseline, as it can make your hair look greasier. On the other hand, if you have dry or damaged hair, Vaseline is a great option for you! Not only does Vaseline prevent split ends but it can also help hair growth.

Many do, however, wonder, ‘Is petroleum jelly bad for your hair?’’ And in some cases, it could be. By adding too Vaseline to your hair, you are preventing natural moisture due to clogging. In addition, it can also result in an allergic reaction. For this reason, as with hair dye or any product you use on your hair, you should test it first on a small patch of skin. If you notice a reaction, avoid the use of the product.

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Vaseline for split ends

When applying Vaseline to split ends, a little goes a long way. Split ends, scientifically known as trichoptilosis, can make it harder for your hair to grow as the ends of the hair literally split or break apart. Split ends are often caused by over-washing, sun or cold exposure, treatments and curling or straightening irons. If you’re wondering how to use Vaseline for hair growth due to split ends, we recommend applying a small amount of Vaseline on the tips of your hair daily.

Vaseline will lock-in moisture and nourish your hair, but applying too much Vaseline to your hair can make it look greasy, so be careful with the quantity!

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How to use Vaseline for hair growth

If you are having problems with hair growth or hair less, we suggest applying a little Vaseline to your scalp. When using Vaseline for hair growth, we recommend softly massaging a little into your scalp area to promote stronger roots. Put a little Vaseline on the tips of your finger and only place on the roots, be careful not to run it through all of your hair. Follow by washing your hair with a quality shampoo and conditioner.

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Vaseline for hair loss

If you’re looking for an overall hair treatment to tackle hair loss and protect your hair, we recommend applying Vaseline to your hair once a week. We recommend applying this treatment if you need general hair strengthening. The best time to apply Vaseline to your hair, in the case, is before bed. Applying Vaseline before bed will give the product time to penetrate the scalp and hair adequately. All you have to do is rub a little onto your scalp and cover with a clean and dry shower cap, to avoid dirtying your pillow cases. If you don’t have a shower cap, you can opt for wrapping your hair in a clean towel.

Remember you can also make your Vaseline at home if you want to avoid the chemicals in a commercial product. This is also a great option when trying to avoid chemical petroleum jelly, which can be harmful to hair.

Vaseline for hair styling

If you notice that the Vaseline is leaving you with greasy hair, wash your hair in the morning with your normal shampoo, make sure to rinse it well with water. If you notice that your hair is still greasy: add a teaspoonful of baking soda to your shampoo bottle. Baking soda (also known as bicarbonate of soda) can help extract additional grease in hair. If this baking soda still doesn't work, opt for a little cornstarch instead.

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Vaseline for eyelashes

Do you want longer and thicker eyelashes? If so, you can apply a little Vaseline in order to stimulate eyelash growth. Put some Vaseline on a cotton bud and run it over your eyelashes. You can also do this with a clean mascara wand to avoid getting fibers caught in your eye. Apply treatment nightly for a couple of weeks to notice a change.

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Vaseline for lice

Are you looking to get rid of lice naturally? Vaseline saves the day again! If applied correctly, Vaseline will suffocate or smother lice, killing their presence entirely. For more, read how to use Vaseline to get rid of lice.

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  • If you notice your hair looks dull with Vaseline, which can frequently happen with afro or very curly hair, try other methods such as shea butter or grapeseed oil.
  • Try Vaseline out on a small portion of your skin beforehand to make sure it doesn't create an allergic reaction.