How to Use Reshma Henna for Hair

How to Use Reshma Henna for Hair

Since Reshma henna has so many different types of hair dyes available, it is normal to ask how to use Reshma henna for hair. Reshma henna has a very long history in the hair dying industry. Reshma henna was established by Reshma Dordi's father to spread the knowledge of henna in the West. Since Reshma henna is now a renowned brand in the world of natural haircare, we will answer a few questions people have regarding the Reshma henna. Is Reshma henna natural? Is Reshma henna good? Is Reshma henna permanent? As well as more practical questions such as: how to mix Reshma henna for hair, how long should Reshma henna sit, and more generally how to use Reshma henna for hair. So, if you are thinking about buying a Reshma henna product, read on as on oneHOWTO today we answer all of your doubts concerning Reshma henna.

Steps to follow:

Is Reshma henna natural?

As you might have discovered yourself, the answer to the question: is Reshma henna natural is quite controversial. In fact, some people complained about the presence of chemical ingredients in Reshma henna hair dyes.

However, you should first of all know that Reshma henna brand has many products on the market, namely classic henna, 30 minutes hair dye, Reshma oils, skin masks, and Reshma soaps. So, not all of those products have the same ingredients...

Is Reshma henna natural? Their classic henna line is pure natural henna, which means pure Lawsonia, i.e. a powder coming from dried henna leaves coming from the Western Indian region of Rajastan. Non pure henna can be dangerous. If you would like to learn how to discover if henna is natural, read our tutorial.

In order to answer the question: is Reshma henna natural, we need to look at other Reshma henna products as well. With other Reshma henna products, our suggestion is that you read the ingredients closely on the box before buying so that you are absolutely sure of the composition.

You should know that pure henna only dyes hair reddish, so any other color is not pure henna. Reshma henna brand has hair dyes such as Reshma henna natural burgundy, Reshma henna toffee, and Reshma henna dark chocolate which look amazing, although they are not pure henna. But that does not mean Reshma henna is not natural. In fact, henna and Indigo can be mixed to create black hair dye, Henna and Katam can be mixed to achieve a purple color etc.

What Reshma henna guarantees is that its products contain no ammonia, peroxide, alcohol and aminoacids, which is good news for your hair.

In conclusion, if you are wondering whether Reshma henna is natural, look at the ingredients to make sure you like them, what is for sure is that their classic henna line is 100% natural, and that the rest of the products do not contain chemicals that are very aggressive on your hair.


Is Reshma henna good?

Many women who have tried Reshma henna think it is good. For example, the classic henna line of Reshma henna has many advantages. If you are asking yourself if Reshma henna is good, look at the following characteristics of Reshma henna classic henna line:

  • Reshma henna is cheap
  • Reshma henna powder is very finely grounded, which makes it easy to apply to the hair, as it is very smooth
  • Reshma henna classic henna is 100% henna powder

And what about the rest of Reshma henna products? Reshma henna 30 minutes hair dyes have the advantage of dying hair in many different, and appealing pcolors. For example, Reshma henna natural black covers grey hair perfectly, and is especially good on Afro grey hair. 3 of the most popular Reshma henna colors are Reshma henna natural burgundy, Reshma henna toffee, and Reshma henna dark chocolate. What is good about Reshma henna hair dye is that the color you get is exactly what they promise.

Also, many women conside Reshma henna good because it conditions and strengthens hair.

But of course only you can answer to the question, is Reshma henna good, after you have tried it.

Let's continue with our how to use Reshma henna for hair tutorial.


Is Reshma henna permanent?

The classic henna, 100% henna is permanent, like all other henna colors. So, think carefully before applying Reshma henna 100% pure henna.

Reshma henna 30 minutes line is not permanent, it is semi-permanent, which means 4-6 weeks. The 30 minutes line includes Reshma henna natural burgundy, Reshma henna toffee, and Reshma henna dark chocolate.

So, how long does Reshma henna last? It depends on the product you are going to buy.

Let's now see how to use Reshma henna for hair.


How to use Reshma henna for hair: how to mix Reshma henna for hair

Mixing Reshma henna for hair is very easy. In fact, the instructions you will find inside the Reshma henna box are very detailed. However it gets some practice to mix henna well, because you need to find the consistency that is perfect for you.

How to mix Reshma henna for hair... Simply get a plastic or glass bowl (not metal), put the Reshma henna powder in it and add water slowly until you reach a paste consistency that is right to spread on your hair.


How to use Reshma henna for hair: how long should Reshma henna sit

How long Reshma henna should sit also depends on the product you bought. The classic henna, pure henna powder needs to sit in the bowl with water for at least 30 minutes (a few hours would be better), while the 30 minutes semi-permanent colors can be applied immediately to your hair.


How to use Reshma henna for hair: how to apply Reshma henna on hair

This is how to apply Reshma henna on hair:

  • apply some Vaseline on the edges of your hair: ears, forehead etc. so that your skin does not get stained
  • in the Reshma henna box you will find: gloves, applicator brush, and hair dyes powder. Wear gloves
  • mix the Reshma henna powder with water to form a paste and let sit as instructed in the previous section
  • Divide your hair in sections and start applying Reshma henna from the back of your head, and from the roots
  • Let the paste sit on your hair for 30 minutes if you applied the 30 minutes semi-permanent hair dye, and for at least 3 hours if you applied the classic henna
  • rinse with water only until water runs clear
  • Use a good conditioner

That's it! If you are thinking of buying Reshma henna now you know everything about how to use Reshma henna for hair!

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