How to Use Lip Gloss Step by Step

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: February 24, 2017
How to Use Lip Gloss Step by Step

Gloss or lip gloss is a perfect cosmetic for the lips with a more natural and sensual aspect, because they bring much brightness and spectacular juiciness. Although its effect may be more youthful and dazzling than that provided by conventional lipstick, it usually doesn't last as long and comes off easily. In the following oneHOWTO article we show you some tricks that can be useful to prolong the color and teach you how to use lip gloss step by step properly, take note!

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  1. Choose the right lip gloss
  2. Choose the right shade for your skin
  3. How to apply lip gloss step by step
  4. Lip gloss for fuller lips
  5. Make your lip gloss last longer
  6. Make your own lip gloss

Choose the right lip gloss

Gloss is a lip cosmetic which is great with any look and for any occasion. You will find countless types of gloss on the market, with heavy or light, fruity flavored, sparkling textures, in many tones... This decision can be made according to your own lip gloss taste. But the important thing when choosing a good gloss is to opt for those formulas that hydrate your lips, provide sunscreen and stay beautiful with amazing color for hours.

Search for a lip gloss with a natural butter base such as shea butter, coconut or almond, this will keep your lips moist, protected and soft.

Choose the right shade for your skin

Just as with lipsticks, there are shades of gloss that will suit you more than others depending on your skin color:

  • Fair skin will look great with gloss in softer, natural colors like light pink, beige or peach.
  • Brown skin looks more attractive, however, in glosses in coral tones, orange or chocolates.

If you prefer to wear very natural makeup, then transparent gloss will be your best option. This is ideal for having juicy and bright lips anytime, whether you are going to the gym, running, working, shopping, etc.

How to apply lip gloss step by step

The key to flawless gloss giving you a sensual and pretty mouth, is to have soft lips free from hair or impurities. To achieve this, nothing is better than exfoliation if necessary, and it will remove all the dead cells and combat dryness and cracking. At oneHOWTO we offer you to learn how exfoliate lips at home.

When finished, apply a lip balm to moisten and you will be ready for the gloss. You can also combine the gloss with a lipstick for a more intense color, and a good trick is applying lip gloss right in the center of both the upper and lower lip to make them look more voluminous and fleshy.

How to Use Lip Gloss Step by Step - How to apply lip gloss step by step

Lip gloss for fuller lips

If you want to apply lip gloss for fuller lips, you can start by applying concealer around the lines of your upper and lower lips, blending it in so it's hardly visible. Then, use a light colored lip pencil to draw your lip line over the lip line, following the concealer and fill the whole lip area. Now is the time to apply to apply your lip gloss. For a more uniform effect, use a lip brush.

If you want more tricks for fuller lips, don't miss our article How to apply make up to your lips to make them look fuller.

How to Use Lip Gloss Step by Step - Lip gloss for fuller lips

Make your lip gloss last longer

If you want to keep the the gloss intact for longer, we recommend first applying a light layer of foundation on the lips and define the outline with a pencil the same shade as the lip gloss. Take the gloss in your bag so you can tweak your lips whenever you want.

Make your own lip gloss

Would you like to create your own lip gloss? With oneHOWTO you can learn a very easy way to make it. You'll only need Vaseline, lipstick and some drops of essential oil. Find out how to do it step by step with our article How to make homemade lip gloss.

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  • If you are applying lip balm and lip gloss, we recommend you apply the balm first and let it dry.
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How to Use Lip Gloss Step by Step