How To Use Different Hair Removal Methods

How To Use Different Hair Removal Methods

Whichever hair removal technique you choose to use, you should always follow the instructions closely for effective, long-lasting results. Make the most of all the cosmetic products available for effective hair removal your way. Never remove hair from inflamed or broken skin. If you use wax or hair removal cream, a warm bath beforehand will dilate your pores for easy hair removal. In this OneHowTo article we'll explain the different hair removal methods in more detail.


These remove hairs from the root, capturing them with its tweezer-like head. They are practical, clean and well-suited to large areas, such as the legs. The latest generation of epilators combine the advantages of gels for a more painless hair removal experience.

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Hair removal with hot wax

The wax is a mixture of beeswax and resins, and melts when placed in a bain-marie. It's an effective way of getting rid of unwanted hair, though it does require some skill. It is applied to the skin with a spatula and then removed as soon as it cools using a thin cloth which is pulled in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Warm wax

It is used in the same way as hot wax but is made up of different ingredients such as honey or chamomile, for an added moisture boost. It is removed with cotton strips. What remains of the wax can be easily removed with water.

Depilation with cold wax strips

These are ready to use immediately after first warming them a bit in the palms of your hands. They are applied to the skin, patted down gently and then pulled off, in the opposite direction of hair growth. Some wax strips are specifically designed to be used for the face and usually include soothing ingredients such as chamomile.


Bleaching is ideal for areas like the upper lip, cheeks, chin or arms, where the hair is short and only needs to be lightened. It is important that you follow the manufacturer's instructions on the package so that your hair doesn't go so white that it's obvious that you've bleached that area.

Hair removal cream

Although 'cream' is the generic term used for these products, hair removal foams and gels are also available. They're applied to the area you wish to treat and rinsed off with water after the time indicated in the instructions. Nowadays, they tend to include ingredients such as honey or milk protein.


It's the classic hair-removal technique and is much more suited for female skin than it used to be. There are special shavers and specific gels that prevent the skin from becoming dry.

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  • Choose the hair removal technique best suited for your skin and requirements.