How to Temporarily Dye your Hair with Crêpe Paper

How to Temporarily Dye your Hair with Crêpe Paper

Highlights provide a bit of rebellion and originality to your hair. They are currently very fashionable, and that is why we see so many teenagers these days with dyed hair. In specialist beauty shops, you will find all the colours you could ever wish for; however, applying these colours can be damaging to hair, and can be quite difficult to remove. It is no good having beautifully coloured hair if you have dry hair that's in really bad condition from dyeing it so much. That's why in this article at, we'll teach you how to dye your hair using crêpe paper, a much cheaper technique that does not damage your hair.

Steps to follow:

Boil water. Heat up a saucepan and add a cup of water. Allow the water to heat up, but without reaching boiling point.


Put the water in a container. Once hot, empty the water into a container you don't really use, since you are now going to use it to dye your hair with crêpe paper.


Cut the crêpe paper. Once you have the colour of your choice, cut it into small pieces and add it to the container. Add a good amount of paper to make the colour strong, and only a small amount of paper for a lighter, less noticeable colour.


Mix the dye. Now's the time to mix it with a spoon so that the ink diffuses more quickly. When it is ready, leave the mixture to rest for 15 to 20 minutes.


Apply the crepe paper. Then put on some gloves and put the lock of hair you want to dye into the container for 15 minutes. After this time has passed, remove your hair and wrap it an old towel, so that it will remain completely dyed.


Let it stand. Leave it to dry and immediately you will see the results. You can dye your hair as many times a week as you like, since this technique does not damage your hair as much as chemical dyes.

Plus, if you don't like the result you can easily take it off. Lean how to remove crepe paper dye here.

In this article we show you 2 ways to dye your hair purple without bleaching and here we teach you how to dye hair blue without bleaching.


You should bear in mind that the lighter the color of your hair, the more intense the color will be. And, if you do not like the result, don't worry because after several washes the color will gradually fade and go back to your natural color. If you want something more permanent that's also in fashion, why not join the new Tiger eye hair trend? It's the new it dye color for brunettes!

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