How to Take Care for your Hair so it Grows faster

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Take Care for your Hair so it Grows faster

During growth phases, hair grows between 1/4 and 1/2 inch each month. However, if we do not offer it appropriate care it is likely to grow slower or become weakened and start to fall. Fortunately there are tools that enable hair to grow healthily during the period of growth, so read carefully the following OneHowTo article to know how to care for your hair so it grows faster.

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Steps to follow:

The first thing that you have to do to take care of your hair so it grows faster is to determine its state of deterioration. Having long hair will be pointless if it is dry, brittle or have split ends; the deterioration of the hair strand begins at the ends but expands throughout the hair. Identify how your hair is ill-treated and repair the damage.

How to Take Care for your Hair so it Grows faster - Step 1

If, after assessing the damage of your hair, you find that your hair is brittle, has split ends or is porous, you must start by cutting 3 inches off to prevent the damage to continue to spreading. Cutting hair is an excellent tool to care for hair and growth as it permits to regenerate the strands and it is easier for the natural hydrating oils produced by the scalp to arrive at the end to moisturize it. Ideally cut hair ends every two months.

How to Take Care for your Hair so it Grows faster - Step 2

When we want the hair to grow faster, it is necessary to keep it moisturized, because this prevents the hair from splitting and retain its elasticity. You can begin by applying cream baths twice a week and leave to act for 20 minutes while applying hot air. Another alternative is to spread on your hair moisturizing hair masks according to hair type: dry, oily, mixed. These are excellent masks because you can prepare them with natural ingredients and they are very cost effective.

A mask ideal for all kinds of hair is the avocado mask. Apply it twice a week and you will notice the difference.

How to Take Care for your Hair so it Grows faster - Step 3

When you take care of your hair so it grows faster it is a very important to avoid any procedure that modifies the cuticle of the hair as this makes hair change its structure, loses protein, becomes opaque and looks uncared for. To avoid that, it is necessary that you know that straightening treatments such as keratin modify the cuticle of the hair by breaking the natural curl in it. Avoid such procedures as well as hair de-coloration.


Pony tails are the easiest way of styling our hair when we do not want to wear it loose. However, the twists we do with the hair band to fastening the hair are responsible for a variety fractures in the strands. This leads to constant crooked hairs or making some shorter than others. Always avoid having your hair tied up, so it breaks as little as possible.


In the same way that there is a growth phase, there comes a point at which a follicle contracts and the growth of hair is slower. After this the follicle is expelled and a new hair is created. It is important that you be aware of this so that, if your hair has not grown in two months, you know it is in a phase of rest. At this moment and no matter what you do, hair will not grow as it is undergoing an important process in its life cycle.


Another recommendation to care for hair so it grows is that at the time of the applying shampoo you massage your scalp with circular movements. This action activates circulation in the area and the resulting blood flow stimulates the growth of the strands and the production of natural oils. It is not necessary to dedicate 10 minutes to massaging the scalp; one will be more than enough.

How to Take Care for your Hair so it Grows faster - Step 7

Comb your hair gently, this is very important to prevent it from splitting. The ideal is to begin from the bottom-up, knotting the tips and then straightening gradually. Use a comb with thick and separate teeth and so the knots can come apart easily and your hair suffers as little as possible.

Use combs that have natural fiber bristles instead of plastic.


Similarly to how we protect our skin from the sun's rays, it is important to protect our hair from the sun. The ultraviolet rays dry out our hair and dehydrate it, preventing it from staying healthy during its growth phase. Apply styling creams with sunscreen before you leave home and use a hat to counterbalance the effects of the sun.


Heat is an enemy of the hair cuticle as it penetrates the strands and burns the follicle. Alternate the use of a dryer and do not abuse hair straighteners is advisable when caring for you hair so it grows. Choose to dry your hair with warm air and not apply heat directly on the hair strands.

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How to Take Care for your Hair so it Grows faster
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How to Take Care for your Hair so it Grows faster

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