How To Style Short Hair With A Fringe

How To Style Short Hair With A Fringe

Short hair is a very summery look that is perfect for people who find long hair annoying. There are many styles to choose from and increasingly girls are having their haircut short and getting a fringe. In this OneHowTo article we show you how to style short hair with a fringe.Photo:

Steps to follow:

Hair cut like a boy. This look has been hot since the actress Emma Watson decided to change her image. It a simple short pixie cut that leaves a little band of hair to cover the forehead slightly.

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Another very fashionable look is to cut the hair at the height of ear and leave a long side fringe. It is all in layers, which gives a sense of volume. Perfect if you want to have short hair and style it with gel or wax.Photo:


You can also have a straight fringe and let your hair get longer from behind towards the front. It is a look that has become quite popular lately, but you must keep in mind how quickly hair grows. Photo:


You can do the same hairstyle described in the previous point, but leaving your fringe to the side. This style is simpler than the previous one because the hair is more even in height and it will be easy to let it grow again. Photo:


The hair bowl. This style has come back into fashion since the return of straight fringes, and it is no longer just for kids. Leave your hair at the same length, with a straight fringe, and at the back the neck is shaved.Photo:


The Rihanna look. The Barbadian singer has made the long fringe look fashionable. She has very short hair but leaves a center strip running from the fringe to the neck very long. It is perfect for toupees and other hair styles.Photo:


Straight. A bob haircut all at the same length, then a straight fringe. It is similar to the second hair cut, only this has no layers and so it looks more uniform and elegant. Photo:


The Alexa Chung look. This model has made a simple style fashionable. Short bob with fringe. She hardly brushes her hair, it is the wash-and-go style, which means you wash your hair and let it dry naturally, combing it only a little. It is ideal for casual looks, making easy hair styles and with the possibility of elaborate styling for formal occasions.Photo:

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  • Ask your hairdresser about what hair style suits the shape of your face and your hair.