How to straighten hair without irons or heat

How to straighten hair without irons or heat

Frequent use of straightening irons and hair dryers can damage the hair, causing it to lose brightness, vitality and causing it to break. For this reason, it is best not to straighten your hair too often and to protect it before you do. But if you have straight or wavy hair we propose a new method you can have smooth hair everyday without applying heat. In we explain how to straighten hair without straightening irons. With this technique you get shiny and healthy hair and with a little time and patience, you will have spectacular straight hair.

Steps to follow:

Wash your hair. Do it like you normally do and use the same products. To carry out this method, you will need damp hair. Remember, when you use the shampoo always apply it on the scalp, do not rub the tips.


Once you have washed your hair, comb it while wet. Remember: You can only dry it a little with the towel. So that it becomes untangled we recommend you do this head down, looking to the floor.


Then wrap your damp hair as if t were going in a turban. Make sure that you hair is tight and slightly pulled. If needed you can hold it with clips.


For the part of the crown you can wrap the hair strands using a roller as it will be difficult to get all this hair into the turban.


Leave the hair wrapped overnight to dry. It will need to stay wrapped many hours because the humidity is more difficult to remove.


Once the hair is dry, take off the rollers and gradually get rid of the clips. Then leave your hair down. You will notice that your hair is straight and with volume and the tips have small curves, as if you had worked them with the dryer. If you have very curly hair, this method might not work for you, but you can try other natural hair relaxing methods.

Now show off your hair that has not been treated by heat!


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  • If you want brighter hair, rinse your hair with cold water.
  • This method does not usually work with curly hair, since this needs more work. However, if you want your curl to not be so defined you can also use this method.