How To Stop Your Eyeliner From Running

How To Stop Your Eyeliner From Running

Eyeliner is a beauty product that helps us to frame our gaze and enhance its appeal whether it be a more natural look or with a thicker and more defined line. But still, just as we use it to make ourselves beautiful, factors such as not applying eyeliner correctly, sweating or room temperature can ruin our makeup and lead to unflattering stains appearing under our eyes. If you want to look perfect and have flawless makeup for longer, pay attention to our tips in this OneHowTo article on how to stop your eyeliner from running.

Steps to follow:

Waterproof eyeliner is much more longer-lasting and is great to stop your eyeliner from running due to sweat or moisture. Choose good quality waterproof products and you can keep your eye makeup intact for virtually 24 hours a day.


The excess sebum or oil on your face is one of the main factors that can easily cause your eyeliner to run. Wash your face and prep your skin before starting to line your eyes. It is best to apply your liner after you've evened out your skin tone with foundation and a translucent powder.


A great trick to prevent the eyeliner on your upper eyelid from running quickly is to apply some eye-shadow primer on your eyelid just before starting to line your eyes. With this product, you can make sure that your eye makeup is sitting well and keep it in perfect condition for longer. Also, always do your eyeliner on top of your eye-shadow and not the other way around.


Once you have lined your eyes you can also apply a little translucent powder on your eyeliner. If you don't have any translucent powder, another great option is to seal your eyeliner by applying an eye-shadow in the same or a similar shade on top of it. To do this with excellent accuracy you need an angled eye-shadow brush. Try it and see how it works!


Another technique to stop your eyeliner from running is when applying concealer on your under eye area, only miss out area where you're going to apply your eyeliner. Then put a little translucent powder on your eyeliner to make sure they are well set and you're ready to go!


If you are a person with oily skin, it is best if you try to minimize the amount of oil that accumulates by taking ant-oil wipes with you and use them during the day. In addition, take a look at these tips for oily skin.

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  • Avoid eyeliners made of soft material, especially if you have greasy skin, as this will make your eyeliner run faster.