How to Stay Young: Skin Care Tips for Men

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Stay Young: Skin Care Tips for Men

The face is the part of our body that is most exposed to external agents, and it's also what we focus on when talking to somebody and read their emotions. Therefore, the face is the part of the body we must take best care. Protecting our facial skin from the weather and taking care of it to look young and hydrated are habits that everyone should maintain on a daily basis.

In this oneHOWTO article we'll discuss how to stay young and share our best skin care tips for men to maintain the skin's elasticity and beauty.

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Steps to follow:

If you want to know how to stay young by keeping your skin at its best, the basic tips are quite obvious. You must establish a daily skin care routine, but you must also sleep at least seven hours every day.

Sleep is the time when the skin is repaired naturally, away from the external agents of the weather, the streets or the office. If you want to look young for a longer time, you should try to sleep face up. This is the best posture, as it stops the possible formation of wrinkles that occur with the passage of time when we're face down or sideways.


Daily washing is vital to keeping a man's face looking young. You should wash your face with a special soap for your skin type - dry, oily or combination - that is neutral, with no added perfumes or alcohol.

Wash your face with water and apply soap, massaging the face and forming foam for a minute. Then, rinse with warm water. Here you can learn how to wash your face properly and how to wash an acne prone face for more details.


After washing your face, you should moisturize the skin. It is important to use sunscreen every day, as the sun is a natural aging accelerator that you must be protected against during the summer and the winter.

If you're not sure what's the best sunscreen for you, take a look at this guide on how to choose the right SPF sunscreen for your skin type. As a general rule, we recommend a protection factor of at least 30. You can also moisturize your skin with home remedies.


Another important skin care tip for men is to remember to exfoliate your face every once in a while. It is recommended that you apply a facial scrub once a week.

The best way to apply an exfoliating scrub is to gently rub it onto your wet face, paying particular attention to the nose and cheekbones. This will help you get rid of dead skin cells and look fresh-faced, recovering the softness, beauty and elasticity of young skin.


Another key step to stay young for a longer time is to prevent wrinkles. When you go to bed, it is best to moisturize the skin with an anti-wrinkle cream - here's a guide on when to start using it. While sleeping your face will be relaxed and the product can penetrate into the pores perfectly, plus it will be working on your face for at least seven hours.

It is also recommended that you use lotion around your eyes. There are different brands of wrinkle lotion and cold cream, which are of great help to prevent wrinkles and look younger. Just apply it around your eyes and dark circles and you will notice how the area clears. It should be applied before the moisturizer, either in the morning or before sleep.


Food is basic to keep your face looking young for longer. Another good skin care tip for men is to eat a diet based on vegetables, fruits, chicken or turkey, cereals and eggs, plus drink at least two litres of water a day. Once a week, eat pasta or rice and veal or beef. Avoid fatty foods and choose grilled, steamed or oven-cooked food.


These are our skin care tips for men on how to stay young. What are yours? Share them in the comments section!

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  • Do not smoke, tobacco accelerates aging and the face is where it is most noticeable.
  • You can apply a rejuvenating mask with every change of weather or season.

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How to Stay Young: Skin Care Tips for Men
How to Stay Young: Skin Care Tips for Men

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