How to Shop for Clothes Online and Get the Correct Size

By Sara . Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Shop for Clothes Online and Get the Correct Size

We love shopping online. No need to change your pajamas, no need to stand in long line at billing centre and amazing deals just at your finger tips. Online shopping is any shopaholic’s heaven. But there exist a major downside to it. Take for instance you ordered a skinny jeans. On arriving you discovered it’s a size too small and the company has no return policy. To avoid such situation it is important to get the correct size, but how can you do it without trying them on? Read this OneHowTo article if you want to know how to shop clothes online and get the correct size.

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Get your up-to-date measurement

Always keep your measurement up to date. If you don’t have anyone who can measure you then just take a measuring tape and start measuring yourself.

For men, keep the measure of your height, chest size, neck size, sleeve length, waist size and inseam. If your backside is more pronounced than others then keep the measure of the width around your pelvis.

For women, keep a measure of your waist, hips, shoulders and height. If you are buying a bra then keep a measure of your bust.

How to Shop for Clothes Online and Get the Correct Size - Get your up-to-date measurement

Study the size chart and sizing information

Nearly every online shopping retailer has a detailed size chart and sizing information. Have a detailed study of these size charts because not every retailer’s M means you will get the perfect fit. So, check the rows and column of sizing chart for a better understanding of the size. These charts will most likely include the information on the size in centimetres or inches. Since you've already measured yourself you'll only need to choose the size that is closer to your body measurements.

Sizing jargon difference

While buying women’s clothes online you might encounter two terms: juniors and misses. Misses use even number like 2, 4, 6 to denote the fit while juniors use odd numbers for the same purpose. Another difference between both sizes is that misses have more room for hips and bust while the same size in juniors have lesser room. Looking at your body shape, misses is best for hourglass shape ladies while juniors is best for ladies with boyish shape and small frame.

Check out the video/ catwalk

Some online shopping sites include the video of models catwalking while wearing the dress. This would give you a visual idea about the size and length of the dress and help you in making correct decision.

Have a look at the return policy

A good store would have a clear return policy. If you are too confused about the correct size for you then order same garments two times in different size. After you receive the garment try it on and know for sure which one is the best fit for you and return the other piece. Keep record of the correct size for that particular retailer.

How to Shop for Clothes Online and Get the Correct Size - Have a look at the return policy

Read the customer review

Customer reviews are like untapped mines. They contain valuable information and review about the product. Reading the reviews you'll find out whether if the retailer has a good return policy, if the clothes are of good quality, if they arrive on time... So, always go through customer reviews about the particular product you are planning on buying before deciding on the correct size. A jacket or a dress might look really good on the picture but maybe the textile is not as good as it seems. The reviews will uncover any problems with the product you're about to purchase.

Customer review will also be helpful in identifying further problems from the website, not only the size of your clothes. If you want to buy safely and not get ripped off then read this OneHowTo article and find out.

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How to Shop for Clothes Online and Get the Correct Size
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How to Shop for Clothes Online and Get the Correct Size

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