How To Shave With Chocolate

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How To Shave With Chocolate

Chocolate has become a leading product in the beauty world on account of its excellent skin-boosting properties. It offers hydration, antioxidants which keep the skin firm and smooth. That is just the tip of the iceberg: it has also been proven to be an incredibly effective shaving product! Less harsh on the skin as warm wax, the cacao derivatives and nutritional components found in chocolate leaves your skin silky smooth. Want to know more about this new hair removal technique? If so, read more of this oneHOWTO article which gives a detailed explanation of how to shave with chocolate.

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Steps to follow:

Hair removal with chocolate is not only effective for removing body hair, but is also a real treat for the skin. We'll show you how to make an a type of innovative warm wax made from a combination of ingredients that are super hydrating and nourishing for the skin. These include cocoa, beeswax, almond oil or vitamin E, which are ideal for keeping skin soft and protecting delicate areas when removing hair. It is also fantastic for dry or very dry skin.

Below, we have compiled a list of the benefits of waxing with chocolate:

  • It removes hair from the root safely and smoothly.
  • Easy use.
  • Soothing properties.
  • Moisturising properties.
  • Suitable for very dry skin.
  • It leaves a pleasant scent on the skin.
How To Shave With Chocolate - Step 1

Because this type of hair removal leaves skin much smoother, moisturised and beautiful, it can be applied to various body areas. This means it can be used in delicate areas of the body and face, such as the upper lip, underarm and groin area. The wax should be applied at a lukewarm temperature so there is no risk of causing burns or skin irritation.


If you'd like to reap the silky smooth benefits of this hair removal technique, why not visit one of the many beauty salons offering hair removal with chocolate? Otherwise, you can buy the wax in pharmacies or beauty stores, or even on online cosmetic stores. Its simple to use: just apply as you would any other waxing product. If you're not sure, read our tips below.


Remove hair with warm chocolate wax is very easy. Apply wax on the area you wish to depilate with a disposable spatula, making sure that the wax is a lukewarm temperature, to prevent any burns, and leave to dry completely. When you see that the wax has solidified on the skin, pull it off from one end with a firm and rapid movement. This should always be done against the direction of hair growth, so that the hairs are removed properly.

How To Shave With Chocolate - Step 4

This chocolate wax will leave your skin perfectly smooth, hairless, hydrated and oh-so soft. To enhance its effects, we advise using a good moisturiser to prevent the appearance of pimples and redness. You can also make use of some natural products like aloe vera.

How To Shave With Chocolate - Step 5

There are other natural ingredients that can be used for DIY hair removal. You could use sugar, lemon juice and some water. For more details, take a look at our article on How to make homemade depilatory wax. It's a must-read!


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How To Shave With Chocolate
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How To Shave With Chocolate

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