How To Remove The Smell of Cigarettes on Fingers and Hands

How To Remove The Smell of Cigarettes on Fingers and Hands

Even if you've been a smoker for a long time, the foul odour that tobacco leaves on your hands is never something you learn to love. While it is true that after many years of smoking you get used to this smell, this can be quite unpleasant for the people around you. With this in mind, OneHowTo will show you how to remove the smell of cigarettes from your hands, leaving them smelling fresh and clean. The difference will be remarkable!

Steps to follow:

To remove the smell of cigarettes from your hands it is essential that you wash them frequently. And if you use a soap with fragrance, all the better! You'll be cleaner and will smell better. So our first tip is to wash your hands immediately after you finish smoking.


If washing your hands does not remove the smell completely, we recommend using sodium bicarbonate, one of the most potent cleaners you can find. In a bowl full of warm water, add a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate. and wash your hands in it.

Due to its cleaning and odour -absorbing properties it is an ideal and effective option.


Using your regular soap with bicarbonate of soda will effectively remove the cigarette smell from your fingers. Pump a few drops of soap in the palm of your hands and add a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda.


Then, with all the mixture in your hands, rub together well to create a lot of foam. This step seems simple, but you should clean all parts of your hands to remove the unpleasant smell that the tobacco has left behind, e.g. the space between your fingers, inside and on the surface of your nails. Do this for at least 20 seconds.


Finally, rinse your hands with warm water to remove excess foam. If the smell lingers, apply some more sodium bicarbonate and repeat.


Another good trick to remove the cigarette smell from your hands is to apply some lemon juice, to hands, another wonderful and effective natural cleanser. Its potent properties will banish foul odour in a matter of minutes. However, avoid sun exposure afterwards as it could stain your skin.


Finally, remember that taking care of your hands is essential. Cigarette smoke not only leaves a bad smell on your fingers, it also leaves them a dirty yellow color over time. Apply moisturizers to hands regularly, choosing those with a lovely fragrance to disguise the foul odor.

Finally, we can give you the best advice of all for getting rid of this foul smell: give up smoking altogether! Not only will it make your hands smell cleaner, your lungs will be cleaner as well. You could also try replacing regular cigarettes with electronic cigarettes if you don't feel ready to quit completely.

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