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How to remove scratches from lenses

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to remove scratches from lenses

We all know that one of the most annoying things if you wear glasses is having lenses filled with scratches, as besides being annoying it can also be dangerous because your vision will not be as clear. For this reason, at OneHowTo we explain a good way to remove scratches from lenses which is very easy and effective. Once the lens is scratched, there is nothing that can be done.

You'll need:

  • Ash
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Micro-abrasive polishing
  • Wax
  • Toothpaste
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Steps to follow:


Before buying new lenses know that there are scratch-resistant lenses that have a coating that make them less likely to scratch, but scratches can still occur. If you are a person who makes extensive use of glasses and puts them in places which are a bit 'dangerous', we recommend that you buy scratch-resistant lenses.

How to remove scratches from lenses - Step 1

A homemade solution that can be good to remove scratches is to apply with your fingers a micro-abrasive polish for lenses, which you can find it at the optometrist's office. Other options that can supplant polish is to apply toothpaste or furniture polish on both sides of the lenses.

How to remove scratches from lenses - Step 2

If you have noticed that the lenses in your glasses have lost the transparency they had when they were new, you can clean them with cigarette ash and you will notice an improvement in their appearance.


A more radical option to solve the problem of scratches on your glasses is to change lenses and leave the frame. This will be significantly a cheaper option than buying new glasses.


With a soft cloth polish the lenses with wax or toothpaste until they are clean. Visit our article tips to clean dirty glasses to keep them spotless always.


The last option is to go to an optometrist to see if they can repair the glasses and if they are less than one year old you may even get them exchanged as they will still have their warranty. This will depend on the country and the conditions under which you purchased the lenses.

Finally, to know how often you should get a new pair of glasses, we recommend you read our article how often you should change your glasses.

How to remove scratches from lenses - Step 6

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  • Never polish the lenses with a polishing machine as this will affect the of the shape of the lens and can distort your vision when using them.
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How to remove scratches from lenses