How to remove nail cuticles

How to remove nail cuticles

An impeccable and beautiful manicure is impossible if the nail cuticles are not well maintained. These are the white skin contours around the nails and play a very important role, and that prevent nails from growing badly and prevent them from becoming infected. Many experts recommend that we do not cut cuticles, but simply remove them and keep them well hydrated. But when our nails are in a growth phase or too short and we want them to be longer in many cases it is necessary to remove cuticles and leave them free from unsightly tops. You must do it carefully following the process that we show below, and removing your nail cuticles will not risk the health of your hands.

Steps to follow:

First, you must soften the cuticles so that when removed you do not hurt yourself and you can do it more easily. To do this, take a bowl, add warm water, dip your hands for 5 minutes, then apply a little cuticle softener directly above them. In case you do not have a specific cuticle softener, a good homemade solution that is effective is to apply a few drops of olive oil.


Now, dry your hands and gently apply a hand moisturizer on the cuticles. Gently massage the skin to see that the cream has been absorbed completely.


Once done, it's time to start removing the nail cuticles. First, you must do it with a cuticle remover. This is a proper tool to effectively remove the flakes from the base of the nail, there are those that have one end to push down cuticles and another end to remove them as you can see in the picture. These are the best option, but in case you do not have one to remove them, you can purchase an orange stick will do this function.


With the cuticle remover or the orange stick, you should remove the cuticles dragging back, that is, from the top to the bottom of the base of the nail. Look at the address shown in the image. Thus, the white skin of the cuticle will go up and you then can remove it with the other end of the cuticle remover. Do it gently without exerting much force and follow the edge and shape of the base of the nail.


Once you have removed all the cuticles, reapply moisturizer. Thus, they will be soft, not be resentful and your nails will be ready to be decorated and painted with varnishes that you like. If you are prone to dry hands, check out our article with home remedies for dry hands.

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  • Never use scissors to cut cuticles.