How To Remove Moles With Iodine Solution

How To Remove Moles With Iodine Solution

Everyone wants a fair, clear skin, without any brown or black marks on it. Sometimes, moles may even risk into developing cancerous melanoma. So, whether it is for medicinal purpose or aesthetic reason, mole removal is now possible with iodine solution. We have already told you how to remove red moles, and how to remove them using honey. Here at, we are going to tell you how to remove moles with iodine solution.

Steps to follow:

First of all, make sure that the iodine solution that you buy is of 5% concentration only, not less and not more.


First of all you should make sure your skin is totally clean. To do so, clean with Ph neutral soap and dry with a towel.

Take an ear bud or piece of cotton, dip the cotton part in the iodine solution, and apply exactly on the mole while leaving the surrounding area untouched.


You should apply the iodine solution on the mole at least twice every day. If possible, thrice in a day will be better.

Cover it with a gauze and secure it to your skin with tape straight after you have followed this procedure and change the gauze every time you apply the iodine solution.


You won’t see any visible changes in the mole for the first few days, but you will see it coming off after 2 weeks. With time, it will permanently disappear, exposing the pink skin underneath. Stop applying the solution, and wait for the skin to heal completely.


Since iodine is very toxic, do not use it in big quantities. Also, make sure that it does not get ingested, especially by your pets or children.

Remember you can also learn how to remove moles with honey too!

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  • If you notice your mole suddely changed in size or shape visit a specialist as soon as possible.