How To Remove Eye Makeup Properly

How To Remove Eye Makeup Properly

The eyes are one of the parts of the face that we usually use more makeup on, but they're also one of the more sensitive and fragile areas, making daily cleaning and proper makeup removal a very important part. This also eliminates all traces of dirt, prevents the appearance of impurities, premature wrinkles and our eyes looking duller. Follow the steps that we propose in the following OneHowTo article and learn how to easily remove eye makeup properly and take care of your eyes.

Steps to follow:

A key aspect to the task of eye makeup removal is to choose a lotion that is suitable for fine and fragile skin in this area that will make it smooth. Professionals recommend hypoallergenic eye makeup removers, that are light and have biphasic formulas which consist of an aqueous and oil base to completely remove all traces of makeup without damaging the eyes.


Once you have a good makeup remover, apply some of the product on a cotton pad made to especially remove makeup that you can buy in any cosmetic store. It is important not to overdo it and to use it sparingly, because even though the cotton absorbs the product, it is sufficient to remove traces of mascara, eye liner and eye shadow.


Position the cotton pad over the eye and leave it resting on the eyelid without pressure for 10 seconds before starting to remove the makeup. Then slide it from the top of the lid to the lashes, cleaning the area well with downward movements. Do not rub or scrub, just wipe the cotton pad across the skin exerting just a little force.


To remove any remaining water and make sure your eyes are fully clean, you can use a cotton swab. Furthermore, to completely remove the mascara from your eye lashes, wet a cotton swab with the cleanser and remove it gently.


If you've used waterproof makeup, it's best to buy cleansers specifically designed to remove this. Biphasic emulsions are highly recommended. Before use, remember to shake the product well.


It is essential to use a different cotton pad for each eye. In addition to cleaning them better, this will be much more effective in avoiding the spread of germs in case there are small infections.


By following these steps you will remove your eye makeup correctly. There are natural products, such as chamomile, olive, almond, jojoba oil, etc. that are also effective to remove makeup in the area, learn all about them in our article How to remove makeup using olive oil.


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