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How To Remove Dark Circles Under The Eyes With Almond Oil

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: October 6, 2017
How To Remove Dark Circles Under The Eyes With Almond Oil

Dark circles under the eyes can come from many sources. These range from minor sleep deprivation to being a symptom of an underlying disease. Sometimes known as crow's feet, they can make us look unhealthy and draw concern from others. Treatment also varies, usually being dependent on the severity of the cause. Topical beauty creams are common treatments, but these can be expensive without any guarantee of effectiveness. Severe cases require laser surgery to correct it. If the darkness isn't severe, oneHOWTO is here to tell you how to remove dark circles under the eyes with almond oil. It will help reduce puffiness, wrinkles and unsightly shadows under the eyes which can make us feel self-conscious.

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Steps to follow:


Why almond oil?

When considering using almond oil on our skin, we need to know why this is a good idea. But even before that, we have to know our different types of almond oil. There are two. The first is sweet almond oil and the second is bitter almond oil.

Bitter almond oil is very uncommon in the USA, but is available in other parts of the world. The difference isn't simply sweet vs. bitter. This is something more reserved for tasting notes in beer. It has more to do with the chemical make up of the almonds. Bitter almonds contain a relatively high level of cyanide. Cyanide is perhaps most famously known for being a poison used in suicide capsules. It does have many (often more benign) uses, but it is true that it is toxic to humans.

Using bitter almond oil on dark circles under the eyes or other patches of skin is not the same as ingesting it. However, its harmful properties would still not be good for skin. Sweet almonds do have very trace amounts of cyanide, but not enough to do damage in these doses.

Dark circles under the eyes (medically known as periorbital dark circles) can be caused by anemia, fatigue (tiredness due to lack of sleep), malnutrition, medications, allergies, eczema or, commonly, age. If your dark circles are caused by an underlying medical issue, seek advice of a physician. Treatment of this issue rather than the dark circles directly is likely to be the best course of action. Increased melanin can also create these dark circles, so be careful in the sunlight.

Almond oil is found in lots of topical creams sold to help moisturize the face and some specifically for crow's feet. The reason for this is (cyanide excepted), almonds are full of goodness. They contain omega-9 fatty acids and are often used as an emollient on the skin. This is partly why almond oil is very popular for use in massage therapy.

How To Remove Dark Circles Under The Eyes With Almond Oil - Step 1

Important for its benefits to dark circles under the eyes and skin in general is the high level of vitamin E almond oil contains. This makes it great for skin and hair. It is also is believed to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, immune boosting and laxative properties (careful when you ingest it).

Anti-inflammatory properties alone will help with dark circles under the eyes as it can reduce the puffiness which often comes with it.

There are certain amounts of vitamin K in almond oil. This has been known to affect blood clotting, so it is believed it can help with dark circles around the eyes in this way.

Its emollient property isn't just good for massaging, it is also great for the face as it can help with dry skin. Dry skin can lead to darkened skin if you're not careful.

It has a mild bleaching property, another good reason for using on darkened patches of skin. Similar properties work when trying to get rid of dark underarms.

If you can't find almond oil in the pharmacy or store, you can find out how to make your own almond oil here. It can be cheaper as almond essential oil is expensive in large amounts.


The first way to use almond oil for dark circles under the eyes, is to use it in its essential oil form. First, pour a few drops of almond oil on the tip of your ring finger. Apply the oil to the dark circles, starting under the eye and working out to the corners of the eye. Do it lightly, without rubbing the oil. Remember that this area of the face is particularly sensitive.

Do not get any in your eye as it can irritate or even damage them. If you do get some in your eye, do not wash with water. This is immiscible with oil, so it may not be able to flush it out. It is better to use something like milk or cream as it will be able to flush out the eye without making it worse. Almond oil is, however, not as damaging as some products you might get in your eye, so don't be scared of it either.

Keep in mind that to remove dark circles around the eyes with almond oil, it's advisable to apply it right before bedtime. Although it's easily absorbed, it works best on the skin overnight, having a greater effect. Just be careful not to rub your eyes during the night so that you rub oil into them.

Leave it on the dark circles overnight and when you get up, don't forget to wash your face well, removing all of the almond oil with warm water. Then, apply a special cream for the contours of the eyes. This should have a soothing and calming effect.


On of the best ways to use almond oil in removing dark circles around the eyes is by using it in conjunction with another product. This way you can combine the lightening and rejuvenating properties of almond oil with similar properties of other products.

Almond oil and rose oil

One of the best tips for removing dark circles under the eyes with almond oil is to mix this with the powerful, refreshing and nourishing benefits of rose oil. A great remedy that results in softer skin, concealing fatigue and eye strain.

Rose oil is sometimes used to reduce acne and pimple scars, but it is also anti-inflammatory and a good antiseptic (don't use on broken skin, however). To apply the almond oil with rose oil, moisten a cotton pad with a few drops of each oil. Apply it to the dark circles and leave it on for 30 minutes. Wash off with a dermatologically tested face wash and moisturize with your trusted moisturizer.

A similar preparation can be made with rose water.

Almond oil and coconut oil

Coconut oil is great for the skin in a slightly different way to almond oil. This is why it can be so good when used in combination for dark circles on the face and cheeks. They contain saturated fats and proteins which help build up the skin to a healthy state. It can be particularly good when rejuvenating dry or damaged skin cells.

Mix a couple of drops coconut oil with the same amount of almond oil and apply as above.

How To Remove Dark Circles Under The Eyes With Almond Oil - Step 4

Almond oil and raw honey

Honey is another one which is great for the skin. It is a substance which has been used in beauty regimens since ancient times, so it has a good track record. Honey is thought to help aid skin regeneration after wounds and burns, supposedly due to it containing hydrogen peroxide and methylglyoxal.

Raw honey is particularly good if the dark circles under your eyes are accompanied by dry skin. This is because it has a gritty texture, but the same beneficial properties for your skin. The grittiness will help exfoliate the dry skin. If it is too gritty, you can place the closed jar in some hot water to get it to a better consistency.

Mix a teaspoon of raw honey with a couple of drops of almond oil. Rub on your cheeks as you would a thicker face mask and massage into the dark circles.

Almond oil and avocado

Avocado has vitamin K, E and B, so will help bolster the lightening and rejuvenating properties of almond oil. Take a teaspoon of ripe avocado (otherwise it will be too hard to prepare) and mash with a few drops of almond oil. While it will be tempting to eat some of this on a piece of toast, it will be better for dark circles around the eyes if you rub them into your cheeks.

How To Remove Dark Circles Under The Eyes With Almond Oil - Step 5

Here are some other almond oil preparations for dark circles under the eyes you might want to try out:

  • Almond oil and turmeric
  • Almond oil and night jasmine
  • Almond oil and chamomile
  • Almond oil and lemon juice
  • Almond oil and olive oil

You should know there are also other aids against dark circles such as removing dark circles with a spoon or with homemade masks.

If you need to get rid of your dark circles immediately, we suggest you take a look at how to cover dark circles with makeup so you look perfect in any situation.

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How To Remove Dark Circles Under The Eyes With Almond Oil