How To Remove Dark Circles Through Exercise

How To Remove Dark Circles Through Exercise

Have you tried everything to remove dark circles and still aren't getting results? Daily facial exercises won't take long and can help to minimize those unsightly under eye shadows. There is evidence that certain exercises stimulate blood circulation and tone the muscles in that area, which helps to slow the appearance of dark circles and eye bags. Find out in this OneHowTo article on how to remove dark circles through exercise and practice them at home.

Steps to follow:

Before you learn how to remove dark circles through exercise, first of all you should sit in front of a mirror. This is to make sure you carry them out properly. In addition, we recommend that before starting, apply a little eye contour cream to the area to keep it well moisturized and prevents wrinkles from developing.


Exercise 1

The first exercise to remove dark circles is very simple and can stimulate the blood circulation of the lower eye area. To do this, just pat the area around your eyes gently with the fingertip on your index finger. Dabbing should be light and smooth without exerting too much pressure.


Exercise 2

The second facial exercise is to close your eyes, stay relaxed and open your eyes. When you open them, place your fingers above the eyebrows, lifting them as much as you can. Hold for a few seconds, relax the eyebrows and repeat the movement ten or twelve times. Besides reducing dark circles, this exercise is also great to fight wrinkles on the forehead.


Exercise 3

Now, relax and close your eyes. Keep your eyes closed and look up and down as slowly as you can. Open your eyes slowly and repeat about ten times.


Exercise 4

To perform this exercise, you do not need to be in front of a mirror. Lie in bed with your legs stretched out and let your head hang over the edge. Now, you should slowly raise your head and bring the chin to your chest. Stay in this position for ten seconds, relax your head and repeat five times at most.


Keep in mind that these facial exercises to reduce dark circles do not offer miraculous results and that the best way to prevent them is to follow a healthy lifestyle, including a healthy and balanced diet, adequate hydration, plenty of rest, etc.

In OneHowTo, you can find some useful tips to get rid of dark circles, including the best natural products to combat them using very effective homemade masks.

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