How To Put A Maang Tikka On Your Forehead

How To Put A Maang Tikka On Your Forehead

A traditional South Asian outfit is commonly accessorized with a maang tikka on the forehead. While it looks dazzling, it also serves some spiritual purpose at a religious ceremony, such as Lohri. It represents the wisdom of a woman that she brings into her marriage, and it is also meant to provide her protection against bad energy. It is worn right above the eyebrows, commonly at the temple. There are different types of maang tikkas, and all of them can be worn in different ways. Here at oneHOWTO, we are going to talk about how to put a maang tikka on your forehead.

A single chain pendant style maang tikka

This simple maang tikka hangs from a single chain right above the woman’s forehead. The chain lies across the hair part of the woman, and the pendant lies right where the hairline meets the forehead. This kind of maang tikka has a small pendant, bell or umbrella on its end. From stone tikkas to ruby and pearl hangings, these maang tikkas are available in a wide range of designs and materials, and the best thing is that this style suits almost every face shape. To find out which bindi suits you most, click here.

An over-sized single maang tikka

It is a large statement piece that gives a distinct look to a woman when worn on the forehead. It does not have a chain, but it is stuck into the woman’s hair right above the forehead with a hook. Most part of the over-sized tikka lies on the forehead only. You may choose from a circular or a floral pattern, mostly available in large studded designs. A woman with broad forehead or long face can best carry it with grace.

Jhoomar style

A jhoomar is a traditional maang tikka usually worn by Muslim women. This style of maang tikka is hung on the forehead’s left side. In modern days, it is complimented with a regular maang tikka falling on the center of the forehead. This collection style is available in a number of designs, like triangular design, round style, fan shape, etc. It is effective in adding a royal look to the woman’s appearance. So, if you wish to add some different look to your attire, then this vibrant accessory can work wonders for you.

A matha patti

Another trending type of maang tikkas is the matha patti. This one has an extra layer of jewelry on both sides, that is designed to completely cover the woman’s forehead. The two layers join in the middle of the forehead with the tikka hanging by the hairline. However, you need to make some extra effort to make sure that it stays in place. You can do this by fixing the maang tikka with the help of hair pins. This style of maang tikka perfectly suits a round-shaped face.

Borla style

Mostly worn by woman in Indian states of Haryana and Rajasthan, this borla style maang tika makes a woman look glamorous and chic. It is a spherical shaped borla that is commonly crafted with stones, crystals, pearls and rubies.

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