How to Protect Your Coloured Hair

By Mary Smith. Updated: March 1, 2017
How to Protect Your Coloured Hair

Changing your look and renewing your hair colour every so often is something that many women have to do to feel more attractive and enhance their beauty. But nevertheless, dyeing your hair often is perhaps one of the most harmful beauty regimes to your health. Artificial dyes dry out your hair and weaken it making it look not as strong and healthy as usual. That is why if you want to protect your coloured hair and minimise damage, it is essential to remember some precautions just before you dye your hair. If you want to know how to protect your coloured hair do not miss this OneHowTo article.

Steps to follow:

Dyes contain chemicals that when they come into contact with the scalp can be very aggressive, causing irritation, itching, weakening the hair fibres and breaking them. In addition, they dry out your hair making it look uncared for. Therefore, it is important that when buying a hair dye you pay attention to not only the colour but also the ingredients included in its formula. We recommend avoiding ones that contain ammonia, alcohol, parabens and resorcinol, and instead pick organic dyes to keep your hair healthy at all times.

How to Protect Your Coloured Hair - Step 1

You don't have to worry about the end result when using organic dyes as they are equally effective and provide excellent coverage, leaving your hair with a more natural tone and very flattering bright highlights. They contain natural ingredients, so they are great to avoid allergic reactions and any annoying itching during application. Anyway, to protect your coloured hair, it is important that you do a skin test before using it on your hair to make sure you are not allergic to it. Apply some product to the back of your hand and wait a few minutes to see if it has any effect on your skin.


The better the condition of your hair is, the less damaging the dye will be and the better the end result. Therefore, it is recommended that before colouring you make sure you don't have very damaged parts and, for example, get a good trim to give your hair more strength and vitality and make your hair look radiant and healthy after colouring.

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You will find a wide range of hair protectors available to buy that will minimise damage from colouring and protect your hair fibres from the effects of the dye's components. Get a good quality one and don't hesitate to apply it evenly throughout your hair just before you start colouring.


If you notice that your hair is too dry or feels rough, it is important that you give it some extra hydration a few weeks before you dye your hair by applying nutritious and repairing masks. You can make good masks with homemade products like the ones we have given you below:

  • Avocado mask: Mix half an avocado with natural yogurt.
  • Coconut milk mask: Mix 6 tablespoons coconut milk, 3 tablespoons honey and 2 tablespoons cocoa powder.
  • Banana and olive oil mask: Mix a banana with 2 tablespoons of olive oil.

See our article how to make masks for dyed hair for more options and remember that you can also use them after colouring to keep your hair perfectly hydrated.

How to Protect Your Coloured Hair - Step 5

Don't forget to apply the colour conditioner after colouring that comes with the hair dye and use specific shampoos and masks for coloured hair as they contain less detergent and help you keep your colour intact for much longer.

Also, make sure that you don't dye your hair too often. Find out how often you can dye your hair to not damage it.

Remember that depending on the colour you've dyed your hair, you'll have to follow some specific care. At OneHowTo we explain you how to care for blond and red-dyed hair.

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How to Protect Your Coloured Hair
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How to Protect Your Coloured Hair

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