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How to Prevent Feet from Sweating

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Prevent Feet from Sweating

Do your feet sweat? Sweat in this area of your body is pretty common as this is the area where the sweat glands make sweat appear. You should know that, in certain way, you can control excess sweat with several tricks and tips that help you control it and avoid bad odor. In this OneHowTo article we detail how to prevent feet from sweating.

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Steps to follow:


A good way to prevent feet from sweating is to wash them every morning with a bit of lukewarm water and cleansing gel, with this hygiene routine you'll prevent bacteria from producing the nasty smell you can sense on your feet. To do so you only need to put your feet in a bowl with lukewarm water and clean your feet, especially between the fingers, with a bit of gel; when you're done, remember to dry them carefully to prevent these microorganisms from regenerating due to humidity.

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To prevent your feet from sweating it's important to take the footwear you usually wear into account, as those made of plastic will create excessive sweating in the area. Instead, start using shoes and socks made of cotton or leather (in the case of shoes), materials that allow air to come through, therefore drying sweat that appears on feet. You can also try using insoles designed to absorb excess sweat, it's an easy and efficient way to get rid of the smell.

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What you eat and drink daily can also interfere with your own sweating, so if you usually drink caffeinated drinks or refreshments you should know that they can also cause excess sweat on your feet. This is why it's important you limit your consumption of such drinks and choose water or other caffeine-free drinks.

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However, there are also home remedies that can help you control sweaty feet and bad odor. One of the most popular is talcum powder, as this product is capable of absorbing humidity deeply, thus reducing sweaty feet. To make it work, you should get used to sprinkling some on the area after every wash and always make sure your feet are completely dry.

Another treatment that can be used is black tea. The reason for using such herbs is that they contain tannic acid, a property that also acts as a skin dryer. You only need to prepare the black tea and when ready, put your feet in to soak when the water is lukewarm; when dry, dry properly and repeat daily. You'll see how sweating is reduced little by little and your feet sweat less.

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In this OneHowTo article you'll find other ways to get rid of smelly feet using home remedies too.

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How to Prevent Feet from Sweating