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How To Prevent Damaging Your Hair With A Flat Iron

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How To Prevent Damaging Your Hair With A Flat Iron

Hair straighteners have become revolutionary devices for shaping our hair and getting the looks and hairstyles that suit us, and all without leaving the house! However, the intense heat and high temperatures which the hair is exposed to when we use these can seriously damage the natural state of our hair fibres and the overall health of our hair. So if you want to keep beautiful, radiant and silky hair, we advise you to put into practice the advice provided in this OneHowTo article on how to prevent damaging your hair with a flat iron.

Steps to follow:


Before you start using your flat iron, it is important that you take in to account that your hair should be completely dry. There are certain models of flat irons that are specifically designed for use on wet hair, however, to avoid damaging hair, it is best done when it is dry because the finish will be a lot nicer. The heat of the flat iron on wet or damp hair causes long term damages the structure of the hair fibres and cuticles.


A thermal protector is the best ally to protect your hair from the heat of flat irons and any other equipment such as dryers or curlers. Applying a good protector is perfect for avoiding weakening, drying out your hair or making it more brittle. It also will make it much easier to style and keep it this way. At the time of use, try to distribute the protector evenly throughout the hair so that all parts are covered and you should do it when it is still wet.

How To Prevent Damaging Your Hair With A Flat Iron - Step 2

To choose the best thermal protector, you should consider your hair type and its needs. Here we leave some tips that can be of help. Take note!

  • For curly or thick hair. There are some excellent thermal protective cream formats. With them you can protect all of your hair fibres and also get some frizz control.
  • For fine or straight hair. In this case, thermal protector sprays are the best choice. They are very easy to apply and completely cover less dense hair.
  • For mixed hair. This type of hair is characterized by a higher concentration of fat in the scalp and with the ends drier. There a foam is the most convenient form of protection which can be applied to the tips so that the greasy parts at the roots can be avoided.

Once you have applied the heat shield, you must pay attention to the temperature of the flat iron which you'll choose to straighten your hair. This will vary depending on your hair type, but avoid subjecting it to a very high temperature for a long time. The recommended ideal temperature is between 170 and 190 degrees Celsius (338 and 374 degrees Fahrenheit) . Also, to avoid damaging and burning the hair root, it is advisable not to bring the iron closer than one-half inch of the scalp.

How To Prevent Damaging Your Hair With A Flat Iron - Step 4

Excessive use of appliances which generate heat, such as flat irons, greatly weaken the hair cuticle and cause mistreated and damaged hair which is very unflattering. So is not advisable to use this type of equipment daily and if you want to go back to review the previous day's straightening, do it only for those parts that require it and do not straighten the hair strands which are already well styled.


Finally, a great solution for protecting hair from heat from flat irons, is to pamper your hair by applying a restorative mask once a week. In our article home remedies for damaged hair, you can find effective homemade masks, which will help you to look a lot more beautiful with your healthier hair.

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How To Prevent Damaging Your Hair With A Flat Iron