How to Prevent Chapped Lips Naturally

How to Prevent Chapped Lips Naturally

Dried and chapped lips are both annoying and unattractive. In winter, cooler temperatures make it much easier to suffer this problem whereas in the the summer, swimming pools and the sea do not help in combating this condition. So, as prevention is the best remedy, in we give you a few recommendations on how to prevent chapped lips naturally.

Steps to follow:

As a starting point, we must remember that the lips are yet another part of the body that requires care. We always worry about our skin and hair and we spend time in applying masks, scrubs and creams; for your lips you must do the same, as only good habits can help to avoid problems.


Moisturizing is essential to prevent chapped lips naturally. Always take with you some moisturizer or protective care, such as lip balm, Vaseline or similar. In addition, do not rely only on what is being sold in pharmacies and cosmetics shops, take a look at how to moisturise lips with home remedies.


Equally, there are certain tricks which help keep lips soft, such as dampening them with a cotton disk before applying make-up or by using honey. Avoid pulling off the lifted skins with your teeth, it is a bad habit that you must avoid.


Exfoliate the lips from time to time to eliminate dead cells and avoid the emergence of cracks in the skin. Try to make a homemade exfoliate for your lips and discover what recipe works best for you.

For example, the most easy homemade scrub you can make is with honey and sugar. You only need to mix these two ingredients and softly spread it on your lips with circular movements.


Prevent both exposing your lips to very dry spaces, the cold and to the wind. Often it is inevitable, so do not forget to moisturize them at all times when in these conditions.


Equally, do not leave your lips without sunscreen. The lips also suffer the effects of the sun and must be protected, as you would with the rest of your skin.


Moreover, chapped or dried lips can also be a sign of a lack of vitamins. Look after your diet and ensure that the foods you eat contain vitamins A, B, E and iron.


And most importantly avoid the temptation to constantly dampen your lips with your tongue, you will not be helping by doing so.

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