How to Match Tights to a Dress and Shoes - 10 Tips

How to Match Tights to a Dress and Shoes - 10 Tips

If you have a plain, simple and monochrome dress sitting in your closet that you just don’t seem to know how to wear, picking a fun and cute pair of tights can completely transform your outfit. We are used to hearing how to match a dress and shoes for every occasion; but if we add a pair of tights in the mix, then it starts to get complicated. Skin color tights often don’t sit right, which makes wearing no tights the best way to go. However, tights are an underrated accessory and one which can create new looks out of boring garments.

In this OneHowTo article we explain how to match tights to a dress and shoes.

Steps to follow:

In order to avoid going too far with your outfit in a way that brings down the look, it is best if you pair a printed dress with single colored tights. The more colorful your dress is, the less colorful you want to go with your tights. You can add that touch of color with a bold pair of shoes.


On the other hand, to match tights to dress and shoes, you may use your printed tights for monochrome dresses. For instance, a burgundy colored dress will blend in beautifully with a pair of tights that have small polka dots. Finish the look with a pair of black shoes.


Every woman has a little black dress. The best type of tights for this dress are thin grey tights with a black line or arrow pattern on the back. It adds a touch of sophistication and sexiness.


On the contrary, you want to be careful when pairing fishnet tights or lace stockings with very short dresses and high heels. Usually choosing neutral colored tights with a finer mesh are most appropriate for formal occasions.


Tights are a great ally during the colder months. Thick and opaque tights can be worn over skirts and winter dresses in the winter despite the cold temperatures. You may pair them with boots and booties; as well as, some leg warmers.


Speaking of shorter dresses, opaque tights will also offer you protection from showing off your lady parts; as well as, the thicker fabric helping to slim up your legs. Just make sure that you are comfortable with the fit of the tights as you don’t want to restrict blood circulation.


If you have chosen to wear a tight dress, try to go with seamless tights in order to avoid having the waist band poking out at the level of your stomach. Thinner tights will also have thinner waistbands and feel less heavy on the body.


It is recommended that you match shoes with the dress and then match tights with the dress after. Be aware of peep-toe shoes that reveal the seam of the tight, so preferably pick closed-toe shoes. You don’t necessarily need to go for high stilettos; ballerinas or flats can equally make you rock your look.


If you still prefer to pair your outfit with skin colored tights, make sure that you didn’t pick a shade to light or too dark; as well as, a pair of tights that are too shiny. As with make-up, you don’t want your legs to look different from your arms or face.


Finally, if you feel uncomfortable with the waistband of your tights curling up over your stomach, try using knee length tights. If your dress is long enough these often fit as slightly higher socks and you may find them in all sorts of colors and styles.

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