How to Make Your Own Lipstick

How to Make Your Own Lipstick

Have you searched every store for that color you want for your lips but you cannot find it for all the tea in China? Here at OneHowTo we'll show you the best solution by teaching you how to make your own lipstick. It's surprisingly easy!

There are several ways to make homemade lipstick, but the one we show below is the quickest and cheapest of all - and in only four steps. You only need crayons of the color you choose, coconut oil (or, alternatively, almond oil and vaseline for babies), water, a pan and a small jar to save your new lipstick.

You'll need:
Steps to follow:

The first step is to choose the color that you like. Once chosen, break up the crayon into three pieces. The intensity of the color depends on how big the pieces are, so it can vary according to taste. If you dare, look for a unique blend that it is perfect for your skin tone and that is not found in any cosmetics store.

Remember that if you make your own lipstick at home it will be unique, so it's worth spending a few minutes thinking about the best color for you.


Once you've chosen your color or colors, get the pan, fill it with a little water and bring it to a boil in the kitchen. Have your ingredients nearby throughout the entirety of the mixing process. When the water is boiling, add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and wait until it is fully liquid.

If you do not have coconut oil, you can do the same with a splash of almond oil and 1 tablespoon of Vaseline. It is very important to let the ingredients melt and blend properly so that the lipstick is as perfect as it can be.


Now, when the coconut oil or vaseline are fully liquid, add one of the pieces of crayon and let it melt. Once it has melted, you can next piece.

Remember that the intensity of the color depends on the amount of pencil that we add and it's more fun if we try to create our own. Why not mix two shades or more?


Mix well until it's perfectly smooth. Finally, remove the product from the pan. Place the liquid aside in the bottle or container that you've prepared for the purpose and let it cool for at least 2 hours in the refrigerator.

After that, you just have to try on your homemade lipstick! You can first try it on the back of your hand to see if the result is the same that you had in mind. At last you have that color you longed for, from the refrigerator to your lips.

This is how to make your own lipstick: If you have any doubts or tips, tell us on the comments section!


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