How To Make Your Face Look Longer With Makeup

How To Make Your Face Look Longer With Makeup

With makeup, you can hide imperfections and have completely smooth and radiant skin, but it can also serve to correct and visibly change your facial features. If you have a round or oval face and you'd like to refine it and get a more stylized look, you can do so by implementing some simple makeup tricks. So, now you don't have to rely exclusively on hairstyles and haircuts to hone and shape your face. Read this OneHowTo article on how to make your face look longer with makeup.

Steps to follow:

Before using these makeup tricks that allow you to lengthen the face and get a more stylized look, you should first create an equal skin tone by applying a foundation which is a similar to your skin tone. If you have doubts about which product to choose, we recommend that you use mousse foundation, as it will help your face shine even more, learn how to apply mousse foundation here. Apply the foundation all over your face lightly and evenly with a brush or lightly moistened sponge. Finish off with a thin layer of translucent powder.


Once you've got the perfect base, it's time to implement the magic trick to lengthen your face and hide its round shape. You have two different options: for an easier and faster transformation, you only need some compact powder which is slightly darker than your natural skin tone. With a powder brush, apply the compact powder, starting from the temple down to the edge of the jaw. Use vertical strokes to style your face.

Afterwards, apply a lighter powder to the central part of your face. Start from the hairline and work your way down to the bottom of the chin. You will notice how your face has instantly changed, giving you a much thinner looking face.


This second option offers a more professional make over, giving your face a radical change that you will find gorgeous. Of course, you'll need some more makeup products and a little bit more time to get it all done. Let's start by using the contouring technique , which combines light and dark shades to refine the face and re-define your facial features. If you want to know how to contour the face step by step and how to look just as radiant as many celebrities, follow the instructions laid out in the OneHowTo article on How to do contouring makeup for beginners.


With regards to the rest of your makeup, there are some tricks that will help to lengthen your face. When doing your eye make-up, use eye-shadows that are light colored or nude. This gives the face a finer appearance, or try a shaded smoky look that will enhance your look and make you look spectacular if you're going out to an important event or a party in the evening.


Another good option for using makeup to elongate the face is to make sure your lips are the main focus. Try using intensely bright lipstick colors like red, burgundy, fuchsia, orange, etc. If you want to get the look right, it is important that you balance your eye makeup and your lipstick. Choose which of your two features will be the most shocking and then keep the other one softer and lighter.


Finally, rouge is a cosmetic which can re-define your face if you use it well. The key is to apply it just under your cheekbones with vertical strokes towards the temple; avoid placing it on the sides of your cheeks as you will make your face appear rounder.

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