How To Make Your Body Produce Collagen Naturally

How To Make Your Body Produce Collagen Naturally

Collagen is a protein molecule that forms collagen fibers. These are found in all animals and is the most abundant component of the skin and bones. The lack of this fiber causes aging and loss of elasticity, so maintaining adequate levels of collagen is one of the features that provides us not only with better physical beauty, but also an improvement in the health of our body. There are different methods to maintain high collagen fibers, and so on we explain how to make your body produce collagen naturally.

Steps to follow:

The best way is to let our body produce and maintain high levels of collagen naturally. To do this, an adequate diet is highly recommended. This naturally also helps us make our body better absorb iron obtained through the foods themselves and keep our health in good condition. There are several foods that increase collagen that are the most appropriate to boost this protein in our organism.


Citrus fruits are highly recommended, foods rich in collagen to help us improve our levels, improve our health and help us maintain smooth, soft and bright skin: lemons, oranges, kiwis, grapefruit and limes are among the most used, but any fruit of this family that you like can help.


Collagen production is conducted through Vitamin C, so you will need to consume foods rich in this. Among the most recommended are: tomatoes, melons, watermelons, strawberries, peppers, parsley, spinach and broccoli.


Stopping smoking is necessary to make your body produce collagen levels, as nicotine in this product, stops the Vitamin C from working and a healthy a balanced diet is useless if you smoke. This is the most important piece of advice and should be implemented first.


Organic Food is a good choice, preferably of the season, because the foods have a high index of properties and benefits that are always good for the body and help to improve our health.


And if desired, there are manufactured products with animal collagen, usually beef, which can help when it comes to skin, but you must keep in mind that this is not healthy to ingest due to high bad cholesterol levels. For this reason, you should only apply it to the skin. Creams and collagen injections are also possible remedies.

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  • You should follow a healthy and balanced diet in which no nutrients are missing.
  • Exercising to stay fit is healthy for your bones and skin.
  • Good hydration based on water and moisturizers will help maintain youthful skin.