How to make lipstick last longer

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to make lipstick last longer

Getting lipstick to stay on your lips can be a never-ending battle, and it sometimes seems an impossible task. Whether through talking, eating or drinking, lipstick always ends up coming off, so your lips never look as nice as when you first put it on. If you want to know how to make lipstick last longer and keep it looking flawless, don't miss any of these OneHowTo tricks.

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Steps to follow:

Moisturising your lips with a good lip balm before using lipstick is a sure-fire way to make it last longer. If you notice that your lips are cracked or too dry, you need to exfoliate to get rid of dead cells and restore the natural softness of your lips.


A widely used trick for longer lasting lipstick is to apply a small amount of foundation to your lips and let it set before putting the lipstick on. If you've put make-up on the rest of your face, you just need to dab the sponge or brush over your lips.


Then, use an lip linerthat's the same colour as the lipstick, or a slightly lighter shade, and fill in both your lips. This will help the colour to last longer.

How to make lipstick last longer - Step 3

The next step is to apply your chosen lipstick and blot it with a tissue so that it dries and sets.


Now apply a second layer of lipstick to intensify the colour and give the illusion of fuller-looking lips.


Finally, seal your lipstick with a thin layer of face powder. Apply by softly dabbing your lips with a brush.


If you follow these simple tips when putting on lipstick, it will stay on for longer and give you attractive, sensual looking lips.

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  • Matte lipsticks last longer than creamy lipsticks and lip glosses.
  • Choose quality, long-lasting lipsticks for best results.
  • You should apply lip gloss several times a day if you want shiny lips.

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How to make lipstick last longer
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How to make lipstick last longer

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