How to Make Eyeshadow Last Longer

How to Make Eyeshadow Last Longer

A common problem with eyeshadow is that it disappears a few hours after application. Does this happen to you too? If so, read this OneHowTo article for tips on to getting your makeup to stay intact for longer and preventing oil from ruining your look. You'll see that by following a few simple tricks of application and choosing the right cosmetics, it is very easy make eyeshadow last longer and keep you looking perfect.

Steps to follow:

In addition to classic powder shadows, you can find creamy alternatives which offer a longer life and a much more intense color. These can be a good option to apply alone or to give a more binding effect to powder shadows, as they help the powder stick and prevent the accumulation of product in the eyelid folds.

First apply cream shadow with a fingertip and follow with the classic eyeshadow with the help of a specific brush.


The first step to make eyeshadow last longer is to make sure you're going to apply all the steps on the perfect skin conditions. In order to do so, make sure you apply the right foundation for your skin type in order to make sure it sets on your skin better. Apply contour eye cream before applying foundation will make the shadows last longer and also help you maintain youth and beauty in this delicate area.

Now, let's move to the eyes. If you do not have cream shadows, do not worry, because any product with the texture can be used to make eyeshadows adhere better to the eyelid. You could use concealer for example by spreading a thin layer on the eyelid before applying the eyeshadow of your choice on top.


The above tricks work well, but today there are products specifically designed to fix eye shadows and make them last longer without cracking or fading so quickly. These are called primers or eye primer, a creamy products to be applied to the eyelid shadows just before makeup and also intensifies color and brightness.

We recommend that you choose one that is of a good quality to make it last much longer, especially if your skin is very oily.


How do you apply eye shadow? It is very important to keep this in mind as misapplication of the product often causes it to fade quicker. To avoid it fading, it is essential to apply shadow with little pats with a brush and also avoid pulling or rubbing the skin. The resulting tone will be more vibrant and attractive.

If you want to see a step-by-step guide on how to blend, we invite you to read the article on How to apply eyeshadow correctly.


At the time of buying your eye shadow, look for 'waterproof' or water resistant products. As you know, these provide a longer duration than the other formulas and can really keep your eye makeup perfect for hours. Of course, then they are more difficult to remove but if you have a cleanser that combines an oily base with an aqueous base, it should not be too difficult.


As a final touch to keep eyeshadows intact and also the rest of your makeup, we recommend that you seal it with a thin layer of translucent powder. Apply with a brush all over the face, including the eyelids, and the result is a very beautiful skin with a velvety touch. Makeup fixers and thermal water are also good options to apply to the face as a last touch to extend the life of cosmetics on the skin.

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