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How to Make a Relaxing Bubble Bath

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Make a Relaxing Bubble Bath

After the stresses of daily life, you just long to relax at home, and what better way to relax than having a good bath. A short dip in warm water will not only clear your mind in an instant, but it will also benefit your skin and your body a lot. A bath will relax your muscles, stimulate your circulation, detoxify your body, improve your immune system and eliminate swollen lymph nodes. These are just some of the benefits if you immerse yourself in your bathtub. But there is one way of making this bath even better, and this is adding bubbles. However, sometimes it is hard to make all the bubbles stay in the bathtub if you don't use the correct materials. So, this OneHowTo article explains how to make a bubble bath so you can enjoy your relaxing time without problems. Take a note of the following suggested tips and enjoy a few moments of peace at home.

You'll need:

  • Olive oil
  • Honey
  • Aromatic liquid soap
  • Essential oils
  • Bubble bath gel
  • Small container
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Steps to follow:


To make your bubble bath, you can use natural ingredients such as olive oil, honey or aromatic liquid soap or gels and other essential oils. Choose scents that you like and customize your bath to ensure you enjoy even more relaxation: rose, orange blossom, lavender, peach... You can also use your preferred ingredients to make a homemade bath bomb to bath with.

How to Make a Relaxing Bubble Bath - Step 1

Once you've chosen the aromatic ingredients to use in your bubble bath, get a small container to prepare the mixture for your relaxing bath. Remember that the bottle or container should be large enough to accommodate at least two cups of bubble bath gel as well as all the other ingredients.


Then pour half a cup of liquid soap into the container. We recommend that you use a natural soap, which will be much more beneficial for your skin care, such as natural olive oil soap, which will leave your skin much more soft and moisturised.

How to Make a Relaxing Bubble Bath - Step 3

Then add a cup of oil. We recommend using grape seed oil, avocado, sunflower oil and, of course, olive oil, as these are some of the oils that can most help your relaxation and care for your skin. Adding oil to your bubble bath will help to moisturise your skin.


To make a perfect relaxing bath foam, we also advise adding a splash of honey to the oil and liquid soap mixture, as the moisturising properties of this product will help with hydration and skin softness after bathing.

It's for this reason that many beauty remedies use honey for most of your body including your hair, lips, eyes...

How to Make a Relaxing Bubble Bath - Step 5

Finally, customise the mixture with whichever smells you like with a few drops of essential oils. Depending on the purpose of your bath and your personal taste, you can choose different oils. For example, mint is energising and lavender is relaxing. Find the fragrance that best suits you.


Once you've made your mixture, just turn on your taps and leave them on to fill your bathtub halfway with warm water. Remember that when you get in the water, the volume will increase. While filling the bath tub, gradually add the mixture of soap and oil so as to create a foam.

There you have it! Your bubble bath is ready so you can spend some time relaxing and pampering yourself.

How to Make a Relaxing Bubble Bath - Step 7

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How to Make a Relaxing Bubble Bath