How to Make a Moisturizing Face Mask at Home

How to Make a Moisturizing Face Mask at Home

Having a healthy, clean and youthful face is a challenge. Dry skin, wrinkles, tightness or lack of brightness are some of the problems of bad skin care. Therefore, it is very important to moisturize and pamper your skin to prevent these effects from appearing.

Challenge time! Now you can combat the problems of your face with various treatments based on making homemade masks. So what are you waiting for? In we teach you how to make a moisturizing face mask at home according to your skin type and needs.

Moisturizing Mask: anti-spots

Impurities, pimples or blackheads are common problems that can occur on our face. To effectively make them disappear without leaving marks it is advisable to use a homemade mask using water, a splash of lemon and spoonful of yeast.

Mix until you see that a paste is formed, remember that its density will depend on the amount of water added to the ointment. Apply the mask and leave on for 10 minutes. Once this time has elapsed rinse with warm water. You will see how unsightly pimples disappear fast!

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Moisturizing Mask: deeply nourish the skin

Want to make your skin look smoother and more luminous? With this homemade mask you will surely achieve this. You only need one egg, half a banana, a few mint leaves and a teaspoon of honey.

Mix all these ingredients, after beating the egg whites. When you observe that a paste has formed, spread it on your skin. Remember to clean your face before applying the mask. Let the ointment sit for about 15 minutes and then remove it with warm water. With this trick you will hydrate your skin deeply, making it much smoother.

Moisturizing Mask: combat shine and oily skin

If you have a greasy complexion with lots of shine, here is the solution to combat it. With some strawberries and yogurt you will end excess oil on your skin. Remember that strawberries have beneficial properties, such as acid that helps you exfoliate your skin.

For this mask, make a strawberry milkshake adding a tablespoon of plain yogurt. You can also add a teaspoon of cornstarch powder and a teaspoon of honey. Once you have everything mixed, spread it on your face and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Then remove it with warm water and apply your usual moisturizer. In a few days your skin will look less oily and with less shine.

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Moisturizing Mask: radiant complexion

Getting your skin, whatever kind it is, radiant and fresh is easy thanks to this home remedy. To make this mask, you just need to mix a tablespoon of oats with a tablespoon yogurt and a drizzle of honey. When you see that a paste has formed apply it on the face once it is completely clean. Let the ointment sit for fifteen minutes or so. After that time, rinse with warm water.

Moisturizing Mask: dry skin, wrinkled or matte

If you have dry skin, wrinkled or matte and want to nurture it to recover a sleek look, we propose two moisturizing face masks to make at home.

First you can crush the pulp of a mango and add a teaspoon of sugar. When a paste has formed apply on your previously cleaned face. Remove the mask after 10 minutes using warm water. Then put on your usual moisturizer.

The second method is made using an egg yolk and an avocado pulp. You can add a splash of olive oil and a teaspoon of honey to the paste. Spread the cream into the skin and let it sit for fifteen minutes or so. Then clean off with warm water. Both treatments will help you maintain a fresh and bright face.

Homemade moisturizing cream

If you prefer to make moisturizing face cream instead of a face mask, you can learn how to create your own with a few ingredients. You'll need:

  • 100 millilitres of water
  • 50 millilitres of olive oil
  • 2.5 spoonfuls soy lecitin
  • Some drops of your favorite essence

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