How to make a Fishtail Braid Step by Step

How to make a Fishtail Braid Step by Step

Braids are a classic hairstyle that never go out of fashion. But why not turn it up a notch and try a fishtail braid instead? Not only do they look more elegant and intricate than a standard french braid, they are very easy to do, especially if you have a long and hair length. Whether you're looking for a boho hairstyle, an easy hairstyle to wear to a wedding or how to do your hair for work, the fishtail braid will give you that effortlessly beautiful look.

In this OneHowTo article we will show you how to master the fishtail braid in just five simple steps.

Steps to follow:

Gather the hair at the bottom of your neck and secure it with a hair tie. Make sure you tie the hair loosely so you can slide the elastic off at the end. Alternatively, if you want to make the braid more secure you can tie an old elastic tighter around the hair and simply cut it off with scissors afterwards.

Whether you make the ponytail loose or tight is up to you. A looser ponytail will give you that messy boho look, and a tighter ponytail will give you more of a sleek and refined style.

You can also choose whether to put the ponytail to the side or straight down the middle.


Separate the hair into two even sections of the same length. For ease of explanation we will call one Part A and the other Part B.


Begin weaving by first using your finger to separate a small section of hair from the back of Part A, wrapping it around the front of Part A and bringing it over to Part B.

Then, use your finger to separate a small section from the back of Part B, wrapping it around the front of Part B and bringing it over to Part A.

Repeat this step to continue weaving.

Tip: It is important to try and maintain the evenness of the braid by separating the same sized sections to wrap around. They should be about half an inch thick.


Secure the braid with a hair tie when you reach the desired length. If you are going for a messier look, you can tie the hair tie an inch lower than where you have ended the braid. Doing this will give you more room to pull out pieces of the braid to give it a puffier look.


Remove the elastic from the top of the braid by either sliding or cutting it off. You can leave the braid neat and sleek looking, or you can give it a looser look by gently pulling the braid wider.

And there you have it! A effortlessly beautiful hairstyle for any occasion. We hope you found this guide useful. If you're looking for more hair ideas check out our Hairstyle category.

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