How to make a complete facial at home

How to make a complete facial at home

When taking care of your face, daily cleansing is one of the most important routines to keeping your face clean and to prevent clogged pores and oil from being accumulated. To make a facial, you don't need to frequently visit a beautician, but can do it at home. In this article, we'll explain how to make a facial.

Steps to follow:

First, you must remember that it's necessary to wash your face every day, especially at night to remove all makeup and other cosmetics from your face. To do this, we recommend using warm water and a special facial cleanser.


When choosing a cleanser, you can opt for the classic cleansing wipes, although it's recommended that you choose a gel or soap that's suitable for your skin type.


It's also recommended to use a specific product for the eye area since it's a sensitive and delicate area that must be protected to prevent infection. Likewise, it will enable you to keep this area clean and to prevent the appearance of dark circles or other blemishes.


On the other hand, once you cleanse your face, you should use a tonic or toner. This helps to revitalise the facial skin and make it look great. In the case of oily skin, using an astringent toner is recommended to help close the pores. Apply gently, lightly tapping your face to stimulate circulation. You'll find more information in our article how to apply a facial toner. You can also learn how to make your own natural facial toner at home.


In case you don't want to use cosmetic products for your facial, you can also make a facial with natural products. Almond or olive oil, honey or cucumber will be very beneficial.


Likewise, you can also use facial masks to maintain a perfect face. In addition to finding them at beauty supply shops and supermarkets, you can read articles about facial masks and find the one that best suits your skin.


The last step of a facial will always be the application of a moisturiser specifically for the face, with the goal of keeping your skin well-nourished. Also, you should choose the one that best suits your skin type: oily, dry, combination, etc.

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  • Keep your skin clean, well-cared for and moisturised daily.