How to Look Like Disha Patani

How to Look Like Disha Patani

Disha Patani is an Indian model and film actress. She has acted in both Telugu and Hindi films; she launched into fame when she acted as Sakshi Dhoni in the 2016 movie M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story. Disha Patani is appreciated for her acting talent, but also for her wonderful dressing sense and style.

Do you want to learn how to look like Disha Patani with outfit and hair tips? Stay with us at oneHOWTO and find out!

How to dress like Disha Patani

Disha Patani is a self-confessed athleisure fan. Do you know what is athleisure? It is the current trend of wearing sports clothes, like yoga pants, hoodies and soft fleece sweatpants. If you join the athleisure style, you'll look effortlessly hot!

Disha Patani loves her gym wear, but she also likes to wear dresses with sheer panels and sparkling details in formal occasion. Her go-to outfit - and the want you should copy if you want to dress like Disha Patani - is a pair of well-fitted shorts and a fun or bold top. You can find a Disha look for any occasion. On the occasions when she dresses more traditionally, she often wears a small diamond bindi.

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How to look like Disha Patani: Workout tips

Disha Patani’s super toned body is everyone's dream. If you want to have a fit body like hers, you should follow her workout plan.

The Indian model and actress attends the gym four times a week. Her workout includes cardio exercises and weight lifting training. In case she misses going to gym, she runs on the treadmill in her home at least for an hour.

Disha Patani has admitted that when she starts gaining weight, she doubles her time for the workout sessions - so if you don't get the same results but don't have the time for all that workout, don't worry!

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How to look like Disha Patani: Diet tips

Disha Patani looks fabulous even without makeup: her no-makeup selfies show that she has amazing glowing skin. The reason behind her youthful, glowing skin is her age - and a proper diet.

Disha loves Chinese food and is a fan of takeout, but she takes care of her skin by eating healthy foods and sticking to her diet plan. She always takes care that her food is rich in proteins and vitamins; here you can learn what foods moisturize your skin.

Are you wondering what is Disha Patani's diet plan? Here it goes:

  • Breakfast: Disha starts her day with two eggs along with toast and a glass of milk. For a change, she sometimes takes cereals with a glass of juice.
  • Midday snack: As a midday snack, Disha likes to munch on almonds or peanuts. They are among the healthiest nuts!
  • Lunch: Disha's lunch meal consists of a bowl of fruit salad along with a glass of juice.
  • Dinner: A light meal such as a bowl of soup is Disha’s favorite dinner. Occasionally she indulges in brown rice and dal during dinner time.

Disha also stresses on having plenty of water throughout the day to keep herself hydrated and her skin youthful.

However, remember that the necessary calorie intake you need depends on your own age and lifestyle - not everyone can follow Disha's diet plan, and you should always ensure that your energy and nutritional needs are covered.

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This is how to look like Disha Patani - if you have any tips or questions, tell us in the comments section.

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