How to Look Feminine with Short Hair

How to Look Feminine with Short Hair

To look feminine with short hair it is important to choose the right short hairstyle for your face, wear feminine clothes and accessories, and nice feminine makeup for short hair.

If you think you can't look feminine with short hair, think again. Just consider the feminine beauty of Audrey Hepburn, Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence and you will know it is possible to look feminine with pixie cut. You simply need to learn how. That is why today at oneHOWTO we will tell you all about how to look feminine with short hair, including how to look feminine with pixie cut, and feminine makeup for short hair. Femininity is not only about long, luscious locks!

How to look feminine with short hair: the hairstyle

The first rule to look feminine with short hair is getting the right haircut. You need to consider two elements in order to get the perfect haircut: the hairstylist and your face type.

A great hairstylist will not only cut your hair in a fabulous way, but will also recommend a haircut that goes well with your face type. Here is a little guide on which short hairstyles go well with each face type so that you can nail the art of looking feminine with short hair. First of all, you can find out whether short hair suit you.

Heart shaped face and inverted triangle face: these face types have wide cheeks and narrow chin. The perfect short hairstyle for such faces is a long graduated bob and bobs with bangs. However, you should be careful and avoid bangs that look too heavy as well as one length bobs.

Long face: if you have a long face you have broad cheekbones, strong jaw, long forehead and your face is quite narrow. The short hairstyles for you are those that create volume and do not elongate the face further. Get a layered and voluminous haircut. It can be as short as you like. What you should definitely avoid is a undercut pageboy style.

Square face: a square face has forehead, cheekbones and jaw of the same width. Contrary to round faces, the face features are quite angular and sharp. The perfect short haircut for square faces is the angled bob with long layers at the front to give a sense of length. To disguise the strong jaws, choose haircuts that fall below the jaws, even if they are super short at the back. To look feminine with short hair if you have a square face you should choose haircuts that are quite feminine, because of your strong face features. Avoid masculine pixie cuts.

Round face: similar to a square face but with softer features, more round. The best short haircut for a round face is a Mohawk hairstyle that creates length at the top of the head and elongates the face. Another good haircut is a angled bob, longer at the front. Haircuts to be avoided are circular, same length bobs, pixie cuts without a Mohawk, and fringes.

Triangle face: when your jaws are wider than your forehead. The best short hairstyle for you is an inverted bob, but not cut at the same level as the chin. You can also opt for very short hairstyles, but with volume at the top, even afro cuts are good for you. What you need to avoid are licked back styles, pageboy and framed cuts.

Oval face: you can get any haircut you want, even a super short pixie!

Now that you nailed the haircut, here are more ways to look feminine with short hair.

How to look feminine with short hair: some more tips

They say the "short hair removes obvious femininity and replaces it with style", but you need to know how to make that happen. Here are our tips on how to look feminine with short hair, and how to look feminine with pixie cut.

Clothing: this is one thing you can play with when you have short hair. Because your hair is not doll-like, you can wear more feminine clothes without looking too much. Choose the most feminine pieces of clothing in your fashion style. Feminine formal wear looks particularly good with short hair. Another amazing style to look feminine with pixie cut is the boyfriend style, but with high heels. There is something sexy about it.

Accessories: this is something that really stands out when you have short hair or pixie cut. Wear a statement necklace or earring and they will be the centre of attention, without the hair in the middle. It always looks nice to wear feminine accessories when you have short hair.

Products: to make your short hairstyle look feminine and fabulous do not save money on good hair products. Because your hair is so short, you can pamper it without having to spend a fortune.

Time: again, your hair is short so you won't need hours to blow dry it and style it. But devote it those 10 minutes to make it look fabulous. You can ask your hairdresser to give you a mini-lesson on how to style your hair.

Hair accessories: go wild with barrettes, headbands, flowers and hats.

Self-confidence: that is key, but you probably already have tons of it if you cut your hair short. Try not to be self-conscious about your hair and feel confident with your unconventional choice.

What can really make the difference when you are trying to look feminine with short hair though is makeup. Next, we will talk about feminine makeup for short hair.

Feminine makeup for short hair

Because you hair is not long and dolly, and nothing covers your face, it is very important for your face to look good, because that is where the attention is. Since you don't need to spend huge amounts of time styling your hair, you can devote time to your feminine makeup for short hair.

First, find a feature in your face and accentuate it: smoky eyes, cat eyes, red lips, high cheekbones, flawless skin... what is your strength?

Then use a concealer to make your skin spotless and apply makeup according to the face feature you want to accentuate. Only accentuate one element, do not use makeup that is too heavy.

Now you know all about how to look feminine with short hair!

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