How to lengthen your eyelashes naturally

How to lengthen your eyelashes naturally

There are many tricks when it comes to eye makeup and applying mascara that can help you have longer eyelashes that are curled and thick. However, in many cases, cosmetics don't produce the expected results. This is when you can try certain natural products that are helpful to increase eyelash length and flaunt a more seductive look. At we'll give you some tips about how to lengthen your eyelashes naturally.

Steps to follow:

There are certain natural oils that are excellent for nourishing and lengthening the eyelashes. One of the most popular is castor oil. Its many beneficial properties make it very effective for strengthening the hair. To apply, dip a toothbrush with soft bristles in some castor oil and use it like a normal mascara applicator, brushing it on the eyelashes from the roots to the tips. It's best done at night for complete absorption of the oil.


Another great way to achieve thicker and longer looking eyelashes is to use almond oil, a natural product widely used in cosmetics thanks to its moisturizing benefits. Apply the same way as the castor oil with a soft toothbrush, always starting from the root of the eyelashes.


The fatty acids in olive oil make it an ideal ingredient to regenerate and lengthen eyelashes. Pour a few drops of olive oil on a cotton ball and apply to the eyelashes starting from the roots and going upwards. Leave on overnight and you'll notice a difference.


Nightly, apply a cotton ball soaked in camomile tea to the eyelids, another good solution for increasing eyelash length. Always do it with clean skin.


Aside from the natural oils above, another useful product for adding thickness and lengthening the eyelashes is Vaseline. Once you have washed your face and eyelashes well, apply a little Vaseline on them, using your fingers. You can repeat this every night before going to sleep.


Brush your eyelashes with a special eyelash brush before you apply mascara. This will help them grow longer if you combine this with any of the treatments mentioned above. If you have very frail eyelashes, also massage your eyelids to stimulate the follicle's growth.


Use makeup remover on the eyelashes every night to remove any traces of mascara and brush them daily. These steps will keep your eyelashes well groomed and healthy. You can also discover how to make your eyelashes curl perfectly to get the ideal look.

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  • Having a healthy diet will also have a positive effect on your eyelashes. A high fruit and veg diet will boost the amount of vitamin E in your body, helping your eyelashes grow.