How To Keep Your Body Warm In Winter

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How To Keep Your Body Warm In Winter

The arrival of low temperatures means it's time to get your coats out and get prepared to spend a few months in which the cold will dominate our lives. And to avoid discomfort, colds or major health problems like pneumonia, it is essential to keep warm at all times. But do you know how to get warm and avoid being cold ? On we have some simply fabulous advice for you so you know how to keep your body warm in Winter.

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Steps to follow:

Depending on the city where you live, the cold in winter can be more or less intense. That's why it's very important to look at the kind of clothes you need to stay warm during these colder months. The weather, especially snow, plays a big role. For example: Helsinki versus Dublin. Both call for different types of clothing. Evaluate these details and create a Winter wardrobe with suitable coats and shoes, as required.

How To Keep Your Body Warm In Winter - Step 1

To keep your body warm in Winter, there is one important trick: cover your head with a good, warm hat. Most body heat is lost through your head, but if you use a winter hat made of wool, fur or another warm material, you will feel like your body is warmer for longer.

How To Keep Your Body Warm In Winter - Step 2

The same goes for your feet. Keep your feet wrapped up nicely and you will feel much more warmth and you'll feel comfortable. If you use inappropriate shoes your feet will immediately feel the cold, and once that happens it will be very difficult for the rest of your body to heat up. Therefore choose good winter boots that are warm on the inside to protect your feet from the cold and rain.

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Socks are equally important and they work in combination with good boots. Some prefer thermals or wool for the winter. Both are a good alternative if you cannot stand the cold or if you live in an area where temperatures drop right down.

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Winter and the cold affect our hands, drying them out and making them look dull. So, in addition to constantly hydrating them, it is important to protect them with good gloves to help them keep warm. This little detail makes a big difference and gloves make you feel more comfortable.

How To Keep Your Body Warm In Winter - Step 5

Thermal tights are a great option for people who live in much colder environments. They are placed on the legs below the trousers and they help keep your legs warm, but they're only effective if the clothing above them is also suited to colder environments.


Avoid sore throats and colds before they take over your life in Winter. Protect your neck with a scarf or a handkerchief and you'll see that it helps maintain body heat more effectively. Similarly choose a good warm coat that is comfortable to ensure you get the protection you need.

How To Keep Your Body Warm In Winter - Step 7

Sweaters, jackets and long sleeve shirts are great to wear under your clothes in Winter in order to maintain even better heat. Remember it is important to keep warm during Winter to prevent illnesses. The best way to keep warm is using layers, this way the cold will keep off your skin easily. Keep your feet protected and your neck too and you'll save yourself the inconvenience of getting nasty colds.

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How To Keep Your Body Warm In Winter
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How To Keep Your Body Warm In Winter

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