How to Keep Warm During Autumn

How to Keep Warm During Autumn

Autumn, the season which marks the end of the summer and the prelude of winter is welcomed by all. Known as fall in the North American English, this season can be recognized as the trees start to shed their leaves and the chill begins to make its presence known. The autumn atmosphere might not be as chilling as the winter air, yet proper precautions must be taken to keep ourselves warm. Keep reading this OneHowTo article to know how to keep warm during autumn.

Layer your clothes

Layering clothes during autumn is the best option in this season. It’s not too cold during this season. So, when you get a bit warm after walking or any other physical activity then one or two layer could be easily taken off. Add a bomber jacket to your shirt for example so you can take it off whenever you like.


Cardigans are ideal clothing for autumn. When the weather is a bit on the warmer side then keep the cardigan unbuttoned. But when the chill descends simply button up the cardigan and you would be warm.


Wraps such as shawls and ponchos are the ultimate autumn wear. When the weather is not cold enough for a jacket or coat then wraps can keep you sufficiently warm.


Whatever the season might be you can’t ignore your neck. While summer and spring are to show off your beautiful neck; autumn and winter are to keep your neck safe from the chilly winds. Scarves are the best option for keeping your neck warm. Scarves are available in many different colors, textiles and length. Opt for a knitted one for colder temperatures.


Necks can also be saved from the chill of autumn by opting for clothing with higher neckline such as turtle neck. Turtleneck tops, t shirts and sweaters are both stylish and comfortable in autumn.


Hats are amazing accessories. They can make you look in vogue and at the same time protects your head from cold. There are so many types of hats to choose from – fur hats, vintage hats, knit hats and so many others. Moreover, they're also a great accessory for rainy day hairstyles.

Long sleeves

Long sleeved t-shirts, tops and dresses are ideal to keep warm during winter. They can protect you from the slight cold before the chilly winter cold descends.


Boots are extremely fashionable and can be paired with any dress. While in summer your legs want to be free in open sandals; in autumn and winter it needs warmth which boots provide. Lumberjack boots are great for autumn walks in the park.


To give extra protection to your legs, you can opt for leggings. Leggings can be paired with dresses in autumn so that you can wear your summer dress with ease during this season.

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