How To Keep Hair From Tangling

How To Keep Hair From Tangling

Tired of knots and tangles that form in your hair? There are many women who have to deal with tangled hair. Especially those with brittle hair, dry, longer or curled hair. If this is your daily battle and you want to find an effective solution, here are some OneHowTo techniques to keep hair from tangling. Your hair will be hydrated and more manageable.

Steps to follow:

To keep hair from tangling, use conditioner after shampooing when washing your hair, it is essential to prevent your hair from getting caught up in clumps. Brush well, especially at the ends as split ends and poorly maintained hairs are the main source of tangles. Also, apply a nourishing mask once a week to have healthier hydrated hair. At OneHowTo we have several recipes for homemade hair masks you can try out.


Another useful tip is to wash your hair with warm water and if you can, make the last rinse using cold water because it helps close the cuticles and prevents the formation of tangles.


So that your hair is not a nightmare to comb, do not abruptly dry your hair with a towel after washing. Instead you should press the hair gently to remove excess water.

When drying, use a heat protector on your hair and avoid using styling tools such as curlers or flat irons too often. You should also avoid using hairspray as this can also produce tangles.


Remove the knots when the hair is wet and apply, if necessary, an untangling spray. Use a comb with wide bristles and start undoing the tangled semi lengths and ends. If you have curly hair it is better to untangle your hair when it is thoroughly wet.


When we sleep our hair can also easily tangle so, to keep hair from tangling if you have longish hair, we recommended that you tie it up in a braid or in a topknot.


If your hair is continually tangled up, especially at the tips, the best solution is to go to your hairdresser who will cut your tips directly. So now you will have much more beautiful hair and keep your hair from tangling effectively.

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  • If you are pretty prone to tangles in your hair, you should also avoid extreme hair dying and especially bleaching your hair, as this will just make your hair weaker. If you have tangles due to dying, the best option is to cut the hair off as much as you can.