How to hide pimples on your face

How to hide pimples on your face

We've all have suffered from the appearance of those detestable pimples. They arrive unannounced and almost always at the wrong time, near the weekend or when you plan an event or have an important date. But thanks to some tricks, it's possible to conceal them and at we'll explain how to hide pimples on your face easily.

Steps to follow:

Apart from people with acne, the appearance of pimples may be due to multiple factors. Among them, tension and stress, inadequate use of cosmetics, poor diet or hormonal changes, including menstruation. So if you notice that you're having more breakouts than usual, you should try to find the cause or visit a dermatologist.


Obviously, the larger or more visible the pimple, the harder it will be to conceal. However, it's possible to hide it a little so at least it doesn't stand out so much. Start by cleansing your face to remove makeup and impurities.


Apply a special soft scrub to the face. This is one of the keys to accelerate the disappearance of pimples, it removes dead skin cells and gives it a fresh and healthy appearance. Remember to exfoliate with strong circular motions so you don't harm or cause your skin to be red.


Once your skin is completely clean, you can start to apply makeup. Cosmetics are perfect to conceal and disguise an inopportune pimple.


What many women don't know is that you shouldn't apply layers of foundation or compact to hide pimples. The best thing to use is concealer because it's very similar to your skin tone and thus has a better effect.


Apply concealer to the pimple with a makeup brush so you can get all the angles and blend it so you don't leave a light, evident spot, then apply compact powder and the rest of your makeup to finish the job.


After this, the pimple will be less obvious and mainly concealed from view. If you want to prevent the occurrence of these annoying blemishes, consult our article how to prevent pimples on your face.

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  • Use a mineral based concealer if you can, as it has a better effect.