How To Grow And Style A Great Looking Moustache

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 25, 2017
How To Grow And Style A Great Looking Moustache

A moustache is a great idea if you want to change up your look and give yourself a twist and some personality to your image. They are a highly fashionable addition to your look at the moment and a great way for men to add some personal style to their look.

We have put together some tips in this OneHowTo article on how to grow a moustache and some ideas on how to style your moustache. Bear in mind that a moustache is very personal and you should find one style or another that will suit you. Don't forget about daily moustache care to always look flawless and keep your moustache in perfect form.

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Steps to follow:

Naturally, you have to let your moustache first grow out. Perhaps this is the most difficult, especially for all people who have never grown a beard or moustache before. It is possible that you'll experience some itching at first. You can try to minimize the discomfort, and you will soon forget the social pressure makes you doubt whether to go ahead with the idea or not. Your moustache will soon appear. The duration of this phase depends on the individual and their hair.

A very interesting option is to grow a full beard the first days and as it will define the moustache. Gradually trim the beard without touching the moustache. Then you can shave away your beard and begin to shape your moustache. Here at OneHowTo we can also give you some tips on how to care for your beard.

How To Grow And Style A Great Looking Moustache - Step 1

We have already reached the second stage, shaping. The first thing to be clear at this stage is to know what style of moustache you want: A thin moustache? A thick moustache? A surreal Dali moustache? A Victorian moustache? A moustache with big sideburns? A daring Conchita Wurst look? There are many types of moustache to choose from, but the most important thing is that you decide on one you like and which suits you.

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To get a perfectly shaped moustache, you may need a few weeks. It is advisable to cut it once a week or every 15 days. It all depends on how to grow the kind of moustache, etc., especially the ends or points of your whiskers. You may want to cut it back to prevent it tickling your lips. You can do this with normal scissors or with a special moustache scissors or, if you dare and if you have a good sturdy hand, with a good shaver.

How To Grow And Style A Great Looking Moustache - Step 3

The cut is an important part of maintaining moustache. The kit for maintaining your moustache should include shaving gel (it softens the hair, allowing more precision in cutting, reducing the chance of error), a comb (although you can use any comb we recommend a moustache comb, smaller and with closer together spikes) and moustache wax, your best ally, as it will help shape and fix that little fluffy caterpillar on your face. Now you can show off your stylish moustache.

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  • The first time you shape it, you can go to a professional barber to ensure you get it right.
  • You may have to change several times until you find the moustache style that best suits you.
  • A round face calls for a big moustache, a thin face requires a discreet moustache need to maintain the proportions.
  • Remember to keep your moustache clean.

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How To Grow And Style A Great Looking Moustache
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How To Grow And Style A Great Looking Moustache

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