How to Get Rid of the Sticky Remnants of Hair Removal Wax

How to Get Rid of the Sticky Remnants of Hair Removal Wax

Waxing is most common among the majority of women. Due to its effective and lasting results, many women opt for hair removal wax to get rid of hair on your legs, arms or pubic area. Men increasingly opt, too, for this hair removal method for that finishing touch. However, this type of hair removal also has some drawbacks, such as wax residue. To avoid the sticky feeling after waxing, quickly and effectively, at oneHOWTO we'll explain the steps to learn how to get rid of the remnants of hair removal wax.

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Wash area thoroughly. Some hair removal wax brands include special wax removal wipes in the package. If not, the first thing to do after waxing is to clean your skin with warm soap and water, regardless of the type of wax you use or the waxed area. If you have used a water-based wax, washing with soap and water should eliminate the remaining wax from your skin.

If there are still remnants of wax, you have probably used a resin based wax. In this case, try the next step.


Choose the right ingredient. The remnants of hair removal wax can damage your skin and make it dry. To remove wax, use a product that most people have at home, olive oil. Olive oil is very beneficial for the skin and hair, thanks mainly to the antioxidants and vitamins that help nourish and soften. Therefore, it's the best home remedy for removing wax residue.

However, if you have had the wax stuck for a long period of time, you also may want to try other oily solutions that will act even softer on your skin and will help get rid of it without irritation (even though olive oil won't irritate your skin either). Try coconut or almond oil instead.


Moisten a swab. To remove the remains of hair removal wax, take a cotton ball and moisten it with olive oil. Then, apply it to the areas with wax residue that didn't come off with soap and water and rub gently to remove it completely. Don't rub too hard if you want to avoid any pain.


With this method, you'll be sure to get rid of the remnants of hair removal wax easily, while also nourishing your skin and leaving it completely smooth. Thus, you'll have perfect legs and armpits and your skin won't be irritated after waxing.

Waxing can sometimes leave the skin on your legs bumpy and red. Read our article how to have beautiful legs to keep your legs looking perfectly smooth and flawless.

If the wax was concentrated in a sensitive area such as the face, it may leave a mark if you do so regularly. Take a look at how to remove wax marks from the face for further information.

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  • Under no circumstances should you use alcohol to remove the remains of hair removal wax because it could damage your skin, make it dry and even burn it.