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How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks With Coffee

Ameera Mills
By Ameera Mills. Updated: November 10, 2019
How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks With Coffee

Stretch marks are fine lines that appear on our skin as a consequence of the elastic fibers in the dermis stretching. Stretch marks can appear as a result of sudden changes in weight or puberty. It is important to act quickly once they appear. It is possible to eliminate them when they have a reddish or violet coloration; and for that, in addition to the commercial anti stretch creams, there are natural products with moisturizing and repairing properties which are know to be very effective. Although surprising, coffee is known to aid in the elimination and prevention of stretch marks. In this oneHOWTO article we will tell you how to get rid of stretch marks with coffee.

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  1. Benefits of coffee to eliminate stretch marks
  2. Coffee grounds to eliminate stretch marks
  3. remove stretch marks with coconut oil and coffee
  4. Coffee mask for stretch marks
  5. Coffee exfoliant for stretch marks

Benefits of coffee to eliminate stretch marks

Coffee, thanks to its caffeine content, has become a very popular beauty product. Coffee is especially known to eliminate cellulite due to its reactivating blood circulation properties and because it favors the dissolution of localized fat deposits. In addition to this, it has recently been added to many creams which aim to eliminate stretch marks from the skin. Its constant application can be highly functional in erasing marks and increase elasticity in the skin. Coffee contains several properties which are known to reduce or erase stretch marks, such as;

  • Caffeine provides elasticity and firmness to the skin, preventing the appearance of new lines on the skin.
  • It acts as a natural exfoliant, which is essential in eliminating dead skin cells and revitalizing the skin.
  • It contains antioxidant components, which help to prevent premature skin aging and promote cell regeneration, preventing the formation of wrinkles and other marks.
  • It allows the skin to to moisturize from the inside which will result is smoother and silkier skin.
  • By activating the blood circulation in the targeted area, it will energize and rejuvenate the skin.
How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks With Coffee - Benefits of coffee to eliminate stretch marks

Coffee grounds to eliminate stretch marks

There are several types of treatments that aid to eliminate stretch marks with coffee, but the simplest and fastest way is by using actual coffee grounds. Follow the following steps:

  1. Pour coffee grounds into a container. (Coffee grounds are the remains of the coffee that have already been used to prepare the beverage)
  2. Moisten the coffee grounds with a little warm water to create a homogeneous and uniform paste.
  3. Before applying the ointment, it is important that the area with stretch marks is completely clean, therefore, a good time to do this treatment is in the shower.
  4. Spread the coffee paste onto the skin in a circular motion replicating that of a massage. Do this for a few seconds and leave on for 15 or 20 minutes.
  5. Next, remove the coffee from the skin with plenty of water and when you leave the shower, apply an stretch mark removal cream or oil in the area to enhance these effects and get faster results.

Repeat this treatment once a day for 2 weeks to notice changes of reduced stretch marks.

remove stretch marks with coconut oil and coffee

Although the previous treatment is known to be effective, the anti-stretch effects of coffee will multiply by a thousand if it is combined with other natural moisturizing and regenerating products, such as coconut oil. This is one of the most commonly used oils to remove stretch marks naturally. Thanks to its high content of essential fatty acids, vitamins E and K, it nourishes the skin, provides flexibility and elasticity while also attenuating and preventing imperfections such as stretch marks. To prepare this coconut oil and coffee remedy for stretch marks, follow the recipe below;


  • 1/2 cup ground coffee
  • 2 tablespoons of coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel
  • a little warm water


  1. Add ground coffee and a little warm water into a bowl. Stir until it becomes a kind of paste.
  2. Add the coconut oil in its liquid version. If you have purchased solid coconut oil, you will have to first heat it a little in the microwave to melt it.
  3. Then add the aloe vera gel and mix well.
  4. Apply the coffee and coconut oil paste onto clean skin and spread in a circular motion.
  5. Let the paste rest on your skin for 20 or 30 minutes, remove with plenty of water and then apply a moisturizing or firming cream.

It is best to repeat this treatment about 3 times a week for a smooth and elastic finish.

How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks With Coffee - remove stretch marks with coconut oil and coffee

Coffee mask for stretch marks

Another option in the quest to remove stretch marks with coffee is to combine these coffee properties with almond oil. This oil is very rich in vitamin E, an antioxidant nutrient that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, vital in the elimination of stretch marks. In addition, it is has incredible moisturizing properties.


Mix a 1/2 cup of ground coffee with about 2 tablespoons of almond oil and apply the anti-stretch coffee mask on the problem area. Let it take effect for about 20 minutes and then remove with plenty of warm water.

How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks With Coffee - Coffee mask for stretch marks

Coffee exfoliant for stretch marks

Exfoliating the skin is a task that, in addition to renewing and softening the skin, can help eliminate stretch marks quicker, as it promotes cellular regeneration of the dermis, as well as smoothness and firmness. Follow this treatment for a coffee scrub known to remove stretch marks and result in skin free of imperfections.


Mix 1 cup of ground coffee with 1/2 cup of white sugar and 2 tablespoons of olive oil or almond oil. When you shower, exfoliate the skin with the mix in circular massage-like movements. Then, remove with plenty of water and apply a moisturizer as normally would. Repeat this exfoliation process 1 to 2 times per week.

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Tiffany Neeson
A very interesting and also very old remedy. When I was a little girl I fell off my bicycle and opened up a sizable gash in my scalp. My granny, who was then already a couple of hundred years old, cleaned the wound with soap and water and then filled it with finely ground coffee. It stanched the bleeding and stopped the pain. I smelled like an espresso for days after, but it was worth it.
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How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks With Coffee