How to Get a Simple Makeup Look for Autumn

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: April 9, 2020
How to Get a Simple Makeup Look for Autumn

Autumn is a time when we cool off from hot weather and wait for the rain to start, but not a single autumn day is complete without radiant and fresh makeup. Autumn is the perfect time for cute boots, warm scarves and cozy sweaters. And the best part? flaunting autumn inspired makeup and fashion.

The ideal autumn look is all about dark lips and bold eyes. So, don’t hesitate to try something new and dramatic. This oneHOWTO article will give you a short tutorial on how to get a simple makeup look for autumn.

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How to do autumn makeup

This autumn makeup look is very easy to achieve and you can wear it at all times of the day. To achieve this look, you will need dark colored lipstick, a good quality highlighter and an neutral colored eye shadow palette. Most importantly, you will also need a good quality primer, as applying it before the foundation is the secret to achieving long-lasting makeup. If you apply primer before applying your eye shadow, your shadow will remain crease-free for a long time. Here are step by step instructions on how to get a simple makeup look for autumn:

  • Begin by washing your face using a mild facial cleanser.
  • Then moisturize your face. This simple step will prevent any flakiness, harsh lines, open sores or dryness appearing through your makeup. Since everyone’s skin tends to become dryer during the autumn season, you will need to use a non-sticky but thick moisturizer.
  • Begin by applying an orange or peach shade on your eyelids. Then use some brown eye shadow from the same palette to highlight the central part of your eyelids. Then apply some black eye shadow near the outer corners of your eyelids. You may further define them by applying some black eye shadow on the crease as well. Smoothen the edges and blend the crease with the help of a blending brush. This will give a smoky effect to your overall makeup.
  • Next, apply some light to medium coverage foundation on your face. Before you apply your foundation, use a plain brush to dust any fall off from your under-eye area. Since your autumn makeup look is all about bold colors, make sure that your foundation is thin and light. A foundation containing argan oil or any other moisturizing agent is recommended, as it will keep your skin hydrated and give a dewy glow to your makeup. Don’t forget to blend the foundation onto your ears and down your neck, as it will help in preventing any smudges or streaks. Use a brown color foundation to get a perfect autumn look.
  • Apply some concealer onto your: under-eye area, any blemishes or spots on your face and also on the sides of your nose. Don’t forget to blend the concealer in.
  • One of the most important elements of autumn makeup routine is adding warmth to your face. You can achieve this effect by applying some bronzer on your face and sculpting it with the help of a highlighter. You can also make your eyes look bigger by applying highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes.
  • Another important element of achieving a lovely autumn makeup look is to apply bold-winged eyeliner. As far as kajal is concerned, use a good kajal pencil and fill you lower waterline with it. Some kajal pencils come with a blender to enhance your smoky eyes look. Finally, you can complete your autumn makeup look by adding mascara onto your lower and upper lashes.
How to Get a Simple Makeup Look for Autumn - How to do autumn makeup

Perfect autumn makeup

Take a look at these extra tips on how to get the perfect autumn makeup look:

  • First of all, start by applying some eye shadow primer. This will help in keeping your eye shadow on for longer. Use a blending sponge to apply the base to your eyelids. Then use an eye shadow brush to apply some bronze shade to your eyelids. Use a creamy eye shadow which is easier to apply and lasts longer too.
  • Define your eyes by opting for brown and gold shades. The combination of gold, brown, black and bronze is be ideal in creating an autumn look.
  • Apply some gold and bronze eye shadow on the center of your eyelids. Next, apply some black and brown eye shadow on the back of your hand and apply it on the outer corners of your eyes. Use a clean brush to blend all the colors on the eyelids. Dust off any excess shadow off using a large brush.
  • Next apply black color eyeliner on the bottom and top eyelids to give more definition to your eyes. Choose a waterproof eyeliner to make your eyeliner last longer. Afterwards, curl your lashes and then apply black mascara. Good quality mascara will give an effect of fullness to your lashes without the need for false lashes.
  • Make sure that you apply your mascara only on your upper eyelashes and not on your lower ones. This trick will help you look more lively and awake. Some other fall colors include red, orange, brown or yellow.
  • Since primer before the foundation makes your makeup last longer, apply a thin coat of primer on your entire face. Then apply liquid foundation on your face using a blending sponge. Opt for a light weight foundation. Apply some highlighter on the bridge of your nose and cheekbones to create facial dimension.
  • Dusting some translucent setting powder on top of your foundation will seal your autumn makeup and help it stay in place.
  • As far as lip makeup is concerned, favor colors that are dark and neutral.For example, brown lipstick is perfect for the fall. Line your lips using a lip liner and then fill in with lipstick.
  • The last step is to fill in your brows. Use tinted eyebrow gel to sculpt and define your eyebrows. Make sure that the color of the eyebrow pencil you use matches the natural color of your eyebrows. You should also use an eye-shadow brush to blend in the color and not your fingers.
How to Get a Simple Makeup Look for Autumn - Perfect autumn makeup

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How to Get a Simple Makeup Look for Autumn
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How to Get a Simple Makeup Look for Autumn

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