How to exfoliate lips at home with natural remedies

How to exfoliate lips at home with natural remedies

Lip skin is extremely sensitive and, therefore, lips often become cracked, dry and full of annoying and unsightly dry skin. Indeed, on many occasions, despite moisturising lips with lipgloss, lotions and balms, we fail to repair them and they still look the same. This is because, just as with the rest of the face, if the skin is not free of dead cells and impurities, hydration treatment will not be effective. What we need, above all, are well-exfoliated lips. Follow the tips in this article on how to exfoliate lips at home and get them back to the natural beauty of your smile.

Steps to follow:

If you want your lips look plump, smooth and well hydrated, the ideal is to look for a hole in your weekly schedule to perform a complete exfoliation of the lips. Once a week will be enough to start to feel the effects and have a more beautiful and sensual mouth.


The objective is to completely remove peeling skin and dead cells from the lips, leaving them refreshed and ready to prevent cracking, injuries and dryness. In addition to using specific exfoliating lip cosmetics, we are able to carry out an excellent peeling at home with the help of some natural products. Here's how to exfoliate your lips at home. A very effective and economical option!


Sugar is, of all of them, the most popular natural exfoliant for the face and body, and is also perfect for lips. A great solution is to combine the sugar with a little honey, because this has very beneficial therapeutic properties for the fragile skin of the lips. Mix both ingredients, and apply the resulting paste on the lips with your fingertip, massaging in circular motions to remove all the dead skin.

You can also prepare other exfoliants by mixing sugar with olive oil or almond oil, both are ideal to repair and regenerate the skin of the lips.


Another great natural ingredient that will serve to exfoliate lips at home is ground coffee, its fine grain is magnificent to leave skin smooth and radiant. To make a homemade exfoliating scrub, mix a tablespoon of coffee with olive oil. Massage your lips with the mixture and let it sit a few minutes before removing. You will notice your lips becoming hydrated in no time!


Perhaps the most famous ally for peeling lips is the toothbrush. In fact, a toothbrush with soft bristles may be useful to rub the lips and get rid of all the excess peeling skin. This is an effective trick but it must be done gently to avoid damaging the lips.


Once you have exfoliated your lips, you must moisturise them. This is a step that should not be overlooked. After the above treatments, it is essential to apply a moisturiser or repairing lip balm so that the lips are well nourished and extra soft.


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